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WARN Details

Date of Notice:  4/3/2012 

Control Number: 2011-0321

Rapid Response Specialist:  Linda Foehr

Reason Stated for Filing:  Plant Closing

Roosevelt Island Medical Associates, PC.
One Main Street
Roosevelt Island, NY  10044

County:   New York | WIB Name: NEW YORK CITY| Region: New York City

Contact:  Henry Westreich, Administrator

Phone:  (212) 318-4862

Business Type:   Medical and Surgical Services Organization

Number Affected:  135

Total Employees:  135

Layoff Date:  ----- 

Closing Date:  6/30/2012  

Reason for Dislocation:  Economic

ERNUM: 76-41659 

Union:  SEIU Local 10MD

Classification:  Plant Closing


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