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WARN Details

Date of Notice: 6/20/2012   Amended 7/26/2012 

Control Number: 2011-0441

Rapid Response Specialist:  Elyse Adler & Michele Edwidge

Reason Stated for Filing:   Plant Layoff

Disney Publishing Worldwide
44 South Broadway
White Plains, NY  10601

County: Westchester | WIB Name: WESTCHESTER| Region: Mid-Hudson Region
New York/ WIB Name: NEW YORK CITY/ Region: New York Region

Contact:  Judy Agay, Director of Human Resources 

Phone:  (914) 288-4150

Business Type:  Publishing

Number Affected: 83        

Total Employees:  -----     

Layoff Date:   Some layoffs will extend through January 2013

Closing Date:  ----- 

Reason for Dislocation:  Relocation to Glendale CA

ERNUM: -----

Union:  None of the affected workers are represented by a union or other labor organization, nor are they entitled to bumping rights.

Classification:  Plant Layoff

Additional Disney Publishing Worldwide site affected:
2011-0442: 114 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10011 – 5 affected


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