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WARN Details

Date of Notice: 6/18/2012        Amended 8/22/2012 

Control Number: 2011-0438

Rapid Response Specialist:  Jackie Huertas

Reason Stated for Filing:   Plant Unit Closing

Wellpoint @ Empire Blue Cross
Provider Services
11 Corp Woods Blvd
Albany, NY  12211

County:  Albany | WIB Name: CAPITAL DISTRICT| Region: Capital Region

Contact:   Valerie Houk   

Phone:  (518) 367-6838

Business Type:  Process Health Insurance Claim forms

Number Affected:  72

Total Employees:  72

Layoff Date:  To commence on 9/15/2012 and continue through closing date of 12/8/2012.  It has been anticipated by Wellpoint that this closing will be postponed for a period of time not yet determined.  Further updates will be provided by the company by September 30. 

Closing Date:  12/8/2012  

Reason for Dislocation:  Economic

ERNUM: 46-81647   

Union:  No bumping rights exist.     

Classification:   Plant Unit Closing


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