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WARN Details

Date of Notice:    9/18/2012  

Control Number: 2012-0052

Rapid Response Specialist:  Edwidge Michel

Reason Stated for Filing:  Plant Layoff  

American Airlines, Inc.
John F. Kennedy International Airport
Jamaica, NY  11430

County:  Queens | WIB Name: NEW YORK CITY| Region: New York City

Contact: Tiffany Schlidge, Manager- Talent Services 

Phone: (817) 963-7684

Business Type: Airlines

Number Affected: 843

Total Employees:  -----

Layoff Date:  843 total -93 layoffs on or around 11/16/2012, 750 on or around 12/16/2012

Closing Date:  -----  

Reason for Dislocation: Company Restructuring 

ERNUM: 43-70409                                           

Union:  Terms of reduction will be governed by the company’s in Reduction in Force policy for the workgroup, as well as AA corporate Policy, including the seniority Lists and any provisions regarding “bumping rights”.

Classification:   Plant Layoff

Additional American Airlines location affected:
2012-0053: LaGuardia Hangers, Flushing, NY 11371 – 350 total affected (39 to occur on 11/16/2012, 311 to occur on 12/16/2012)


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