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WARN Details

Date of Notice: 11/8/2012  

Control Number: 2012-0095

Rapid Response Specialist:  Elyse Adler

Reason Stated for Filing:   Plant Closing

Spectrum Plastics Group
2 International Blvd
Brewster, NY  10509

County:  Putnam | WIB Name: WESTCH/PTNM| Region: Mid-Hudson Region

Contact: Jennifer Ellingson, HR Consultant   

Phone:  (952) 927-2433

Business Type:   Product Manufacturing

Number Affected:  50  (11 will be transferred to the Ansonia, CT facility)

Total Employees:   50

Layoff Date:  2/8/2013    

Closing Date:  3/15/2013  

Reason for Dislocation:     Economic

ERNUM:  -----

Union:    Employees are not represented by a union and are not subject to a collective bargaining agreement. 

Classification:      Plant Closing


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