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Consultation Services

Human Resource Consultation

Our Occupational Analysts can help you with a variety of human resources services at no cost, saving your business thousands of dollars each year.  Our services include:

  • Job Analysis - Review the specific requirements of a job and the work performed to develop detailed job descriptions
  • Skills Gap Analysis - Identify and compare the knowledge, skills and abilities of individuals with the job requirements to identify transferable skills and training needs
  • Employee Handbooks - Help develop a new guide for employees, or review an existing version
  • Legal Compliance - Referral to resources of information on labor laws
  • Employment Applications - Review current applications or help develop new ones to ensure compliance with Equal Opportunity Employment laws
  • Interview Techniques - Help you get the information needed from interviews
  • Employee Orientation - Develop consistent standards for new hires to help them learn about your business and their job
  • Turnover Analysis - Help determine why workers leave their jobs and suggest steps reduce the time-consuming and costly process of recruiting new employees

Contact an Occupational Analyst in your region for more information (Human Resources Consultation Fact Sheet)

Layoff Aversion

Rapid Response

Rapid Response helps workers locate training and find new jobs when a company closes or cuts its workforce. Rapid Response also helps companies with layoff aversion strategies such as:

  • Shared Work
  • Incumbent Worker Training
  • Labor/Management Committees
  • Employee Stock Ownership/Succession Planning

Rapid Response Fact Sheet

Shared Work

The Shared Work program helps businesses survive temporary downturns by giving them an alternative to firing full-time workers. Under this program instead of cutting staff, you can reduce the number of hours of all workers or just a select group.

Shared Work Fact Sheet

Layoff/Transition Services

Workforce New York Provides these services for affected workers:

  • Instruction on how to file an Unemployment Insurance Claim
  • Resume development and interview workshops
  • Referrals to job openings based on interest and qualifications
  • Labor Market Information to identify career paths with the best opportunities
  • Local training opportunities and financial aid

We also can hold a targeted job fair that invites suitable companies to participate.

We offer these services on-site or at a New York State Career Center. For details call (800) HIRE-992.

Safety and Health Consultation

We conduct free health and safety inspections that point out OSHA violations. This allows businesses to correct the problem and avoid penalties.

For details call (800) HIRE-992.

On-Site Consultation Program

National Work Readiness Credential

This is a business-driven assessment of a worker's ability to use the following skills:

  • Communication
  • Interpersonal
  • Decision-making
  • Lifelong learning

This credential is based on the nationally-validated Equipped for the Future applied learning standards.
For more information, visit the NWRC Website.

Healthy NY

Healthy NY offers comprehensive health insurance at affordable rates to:

  • Eligible small businesses
  • Sole proprietors
  • Working uninsured individuals

Healthy NY provides a health insurance package that is made affordable through State sponsorship. It offers benefits that cover health needs including:

  • Inpatient and outpatient hospital services
  • Physician services
  • Maternity care
  • Preventive health services
  • Diagnostic and x-ray services
  • Emergency services

To learn more, visit the Healthy NY web site or call (866) HEALTHY NY, TTY (866) 205-8922

Reaching Out

This 10-lesson course explains how the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) applies to businesses. It helps you to comply with the ADA and welcome disabled customers. To learn more visit the Reaching Out web site.

Job Service Employer Committee

The Job Service Employer Committee, Inc. (JSEC) is comprised of local businesses that:

  • Share business intelligence
  • Encourage human resource professional development
  • Advise the New York State Department of Labor
  • Endorse the services offered through New York State Career Centers

JSEC is affiliated with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). It is an approved provider through SHRM's Human Resource Certification Institute. JSEC is also eligible to receive state-funded grants for projects and programs that benefit the business community.

More details at

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