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H-2A Agricultural Clearance Orders

This web page lists current agricultural jobs in New York. Each job order includes information on:

  • Dates of work
  • Location of the job
  • Location of housing
  • Job duties
  • Hours/days to be worked
  • Wage rates

The New York State Department of Labor is also obligated to post agricultural job orders from other states. If you are interested in employment within Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and/or Vermont, please visit "Other State Agricultural Clearance Orders".

This page includes a search feature. If you know the job order number, name of the employer, or the New York county the job is located in, you may type that in the “Search” box, and a smaller number of entries will appear. You may also click on the arrows to the right of each column heading to sort the entries numerically, alphabetically, by county, or by expiration date. Once you locate a job you are interested in, click on the link under the “Job Order” column, and the entire job order will be available to view. Many of these job orders also include the terms and conditions in Spanish (click on “Español”). The Spanish translations are completed by staff from the Division of Immigrant Policies & Affairs and are added to this page as they are completed.

The date shown in the “Expiration Date” column is the last date that the job order is open for referral. Once this date passes, the job order is removed from the web page and employers are no longer obligated to interview and/or hire U.S workers who are referred to the job by a Career Center or through self-referral.

If you have questions about this page, please contact

Many of these orders appear in both English and Spanish.

New York H-2A Agricultural Clearance Orders
Job OrderName of EmployerCountyExpiration Date
NY1096234/ NY1096234-516S  Champlain Valley Apple Storage  Clinton  12/27/14 
NY1096840NY1096840-516S  Martin Farms  Monroe  01/15/15 
NY1105861/ NY1105861-516S  Mammoser Farms  Erie  01/29/15 
NY1108584/ NY1108584-516S  Rexcroft Farm  Greene  02/04/15 
NY1109687/ NY1109687-516S  Giroux Orchards dba Chazy Orchards  Clinton  02/14/15 
NY1110425/ NY1110425-516S  Knight Vineyards  Chautauqua  03/16/15 
NY1107673/ NY1107673-516S  J&M Farms  Genesee  03/23/15 
NY1111415/ NY1111415-516S  J&M Farms  Genesee  04/09/15 
NY1110421/ NY1110421-516S  Forking Path Vineyards  Ontario  04/19/15 
NY1111700/ NY1111700-516S  Intergrow Greenhouses  Orleans  06/11/15 
NY1110418/ NY1110418-516S  Forking Path Vineyards  Ontario  06/14/15 
NY1110406/ NY1110406-516S  G&G Farms  Wayne  06/16/15 
NY1110409/ NY1110409-516S Old Saw Mill Farm/Micosta Enterprises  Columbia  06/16/15 
NY1111054/ NY1111054-516S  M. Keneston Corp.  Rensselaer  06/16/15 
NY1112127/ NY1112127-516S  Norwich Meadows Farm  Chenango  07/01/15 
NY1112129/ NY1112129-516S  W.G. Minard & Sons  Ulster  07/02/15 

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