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H-2A Agricultural Clearance Orders

This web page lists current agricultural jobs in New York. Each job order includes information on:

  • Dates of work
  • Location of the job
  • Location of housing
  • Job duties
  • Hours/days to be worked
  • Wage rates

The New York State Department of Labor is also obligated to post agricultural job orders from other states. If you are interested in employment within Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island,and/or Vermont, please visit "Other State Agricultural Clearance Orders."

This page includes a search feature. If you know the job order number, name of the employer, or the New York county the job is located in, you may type that in the “Search” box, and a smaller number of entries will appear. You may also click on the arrows to the right of each column heading to sort the entries numerically, alphabetically, by county, or by expiration date. Once you locate a job you are interested in, click on the link under the “Job Order” column, and the entire job order will be available to view. Many of these job orders also include the terms and conditions in Spanish (click on “Español”). The Spanish translations are completed by staff from the Division of Immigrant Policies & Affairs and are added to this page as they are completed.

The date shown in the “Expiration Date” column is the last date that the job order is open for referral. Once this date passes, the job order is removed from the web page and employers are no longer obligated to interview and/or hire U.S workers who are referred to the job by a Career Center or through self-referral.

If you have questions about this page, please contact

Many of these orders appear in both English and Spanish.

New York H-2A Agricultural Clearance Orders
Job Order Name of Employer County Expiration Date
NY1153751/ NY1153751-516S Pure Grown LLC Chenango 06/22/16
NY1153612/ NY1153612-516S N&O Horticultural Products Suffolk 06/23/16
NY1153574/ NY1153574-516S N&O Horticultural Products Suffolk 06/23/16
NY1153649/ NY1153649-516S Simpelaar Fruit Farms Oswego 06/24/16
NY1154247/ NY1154247-516S Apple Acres LLC Onondaga 06/29/16
NY1155886/ NY1155886-516S Oliver Paine Greenhouses Oswego 06/29/16
NY1155623/ NY1155623-516S Beak & Skiff Apple Farm Inc. Onondaga 06/29/16
NY1156793/ NY1156793-516S Garden Time Inc. Warren 07/01/16
NY1155480/ NY1155480-516S Marshall Skiff Orchard Onondaga 07/01/16
NY1155545/ NY1155545-516S Goold Orchards Rensselaer 07/01/16
NY1154444/ NY1154444-516S Clearview Orchards Onondaga 07/01/16
NY1155580/ NY1155580-516S Klein Kill Fruit Farm Columbia 07/01/16
NY1152328/ NY1152328-516S Norwich Meadows Farm Chenango 07/01/16
NY1153332/ NY1153332-516S NBBO Farming Schuyler 07/01/16
NY1155938/ NY1155938-516S Holmquest Farm Columbia 07/01/16
NY1156026/ NY1156026-516S Lamont Fruit Farm Orleans 07/02/16
NY1154190/ NY1154190-516S Orchard Dale Fruit Company Orleans 07/02/16
NY1156345 Yan's Ginseng Farm Inc. Herkimer 07/03/16
NY1157475/ NY1157475-516S Sandy Knoll Farms Inc. Orleans 07/05/16
NY1155462/ NY1155462-516S Behling Orchards Oswego 07/06/16
NY1155873/ NY1155873-516S Soons Orchards Orange 07/06/16
NY1153402/ NY1153402-516S Anyela's Vineyards Onondaga 07/06/16
NY1156468/ NY1156468-516S Burnap Fruit Farm Wayne 07/07/16
NY1157408/ NY1157408-516S Reeves Farms Onondaga 07/07/16
NY1156256/ NY1156256-516S Russell's Tree & Shrub Farm LLC Erie 07/08/16
NY1155766/ NY1155766-516S Millbrook Vineyard & Winery Dutchess 07/08/16
NY1156295/ NY1156295-516S Zingler Farms Inc. Orleans 07/08/16
NY1155996/ NY1155996-516S Kalir Enterprises Inc. Orleans 07/09/16
NY1156383 Cahoon Farms, Inc. Wayne 07/10/16
NY1156050 Chuck Hafner Farms Onondaga 07/10/16
NY1161108/ NY1161108-516S Stone Wall Hill Farm, LLC Rensselaer 07/10/16
NY1158585/ NY1158585-516S Donato Farms, Inc. Ulster 07/11/16
NY1155793/ NY1155793-516S Porpiglia Farms Inc. Ulster 07/11/16
NY1155778/ NY1155778-516S Porpiglia Farms Inc. Ulster 07/11/16
NY1159958/ NY1159958-516S Childstock Farms / Kent Family Growers Franklin / St. Lawrence 07/11/16
NY1157555/ NY1157555-516S Agpro Farms Wayne 07/14/16
NY1154182/ NY1154182-516S WG Minard & Sons Ulster 07/14/16
NY1156874/ NY1156874-516S Kast Farms Inc. Orleans 07/14/16
NY1157362/ NY1157362-516S Youngman Bros. Fruit Farm Wayne 07/14/16
NY1156923/ NY1156923-516S Sheldrake Point Vineyard Seneca 07/15/16
NY1155518/ NY1155518-516S Lakeside Sod Supply Co. Inc. Erie 07/15/16
NY1157256/ NY1157256-516S Stanton's Feura Farm Albany 07/15/16
NY1157036/ NY1157036-516S Plummer Orchards LLC Orleans 07/15/16
NY1158057/ NY1158057-516S Robinson Hardware of NS Corp. Albany 07/15/16
NY1156038/ NY1156038-516S Gade Farm Albany 07/16/16
NY1158088/ NY1158088-516S Fox Creek Farm Schoharie 07/16/16
NY1156072/ NY1156072-516S Associated Fruit Growers dba Maple Lane Nursery Columbia 07/16/16
NY1156002/ NY1156002-516S George W. Saulpaugh & Son, Inc. Columbia 07/16/16
NY1156132/ NY1156132-516S LJM Growers Inc. Orange 07/16/16
NY1153516/ NY1153516-516S Thanksgiving Farm at The Center for Discovery Columbia 07/16/16
NY1156762/ NY1156762-516S Yonder Fruit Farm Inc. Columbia 07/17/16
NY1155923/ NY1155923-516S Blackhorse Farm, Inc. & Buhrmaster Farms, Inc. (Joint Order) Greene/Schenectady 07/17/16
NY1162855/ NY1162855-516S Hilltop Hops & Barley Co., Inc. Otsego 07/17/16
NY1156740/ NY1156740-516S Hudson River Fruit Distributors Ulster 07/18/16
NY1156980/ NY1156980-516S Robert Circle R Fruit Farms, Inc. Orleans 07/18/16
NY1159668/ NY1159668-516S Morgiewicz Produce Orange 07/19/16
NY1154283/ NY1154283-516S Elhannon Wholesale Nursery Inc. Rensselaer 07/19/16
NY1158746/ NY1158746-516S Roe Orchards Orange 07/19/16
NY1157715/ NY1157715-516S A Zimmerman & Sons, Inc. Ulster 07/20/16
NY1157670/ NY1157670-516S Van Putte Seed Co. Inc. Monroe 07/20/16
NY1158370/ NY1158370-516S Bieler Enterprises Oswego 07/20/16
NY1153789/ NY1153789-516S The Farm at Miller's Crossing Columbia 07/21/16
NY1156441/ NY1156441-516S Maynard Farms Ulster 07/21/16
NY1159654/ NY1159654-516S Chmielewski Produce Oneida 07/21/16
NY1160694/ NY1160694-516S Juniper Hill, Inc. Suffolk 07/21/16
NY1159929/ NY1159929-516S Donald DeMarree Fruit Farm Wayne 07/23/16
NY1157793/ NY1157793-516S Hansen Farms / Hendale Farms (Joint Order) Ontario 07/23/16
NY1158216/ NY1158216-516S Everett Orchards Clinton 07/23/16
NY1156409/ NY1156409-516S MG Hurd & Sons Ulster 07/23/16
NY1160029/ NY1160029-516S MG Hurd & Sons Ulster 07/23/16
NY1157732/ NY1157732-516S Overlook Farms Ulster 07/23/16
NY1157572/ NY1157572-516S Free Bird Farm, LLC Montgomery 07/23/16
NY1158753/ NY1158753-516S Fishkill Farms Dutchess 07/23/16
NY1160158/ NY1160158-516S Schichtel's Nursery Erie 07/23/16
NY1162015/ NY1162015-516S Reeves Farms Onondaga 07/23/16
NY1158939/ NY1158939-516S Wayside Nursery Niagara 07/24/16
NY1159056/ NY1159056-516S Lakeside Orchards, Inc. Niagara 07/24/16
NY1158733/ NY1158733-516S Hudson Valley Grown dba Hepworth Farm Ulster 07/24/16
NY1160149/ NY1160149-516S Allhay Farms, LLC Montgomery 07/24/16
NY1159587/ NY1159587-516S Pettit Farms, LLC Orleans 07/24/16
NY1158361/ NY1158361-516S Ontario Orchards & Reeves Farms (Joint Order) Cayuga 07/24/16
NY1162273/ NY1162273-516S Emmi & Sons, Inc. Onondaga 07/24/16
NY1166745/ NY1166745-516S Kreher Enterprises Erie 07/24/16
NY1156496/ NY1156496-516S Fowler Brothers, Inc. Wayne 07/25/16
NY1156093/ NY1156093-516S Troy's Landscape Supply Co. Albany 07/25/16
NY1160263/ NY1160263-516S Old Mud Creek Farm Columbia 07/25/16
NY1158543/ NY1158543-516S Van De Walle Fruit Farm, LLC Wayne 07/25/16
NY1158993/ NY1158993-516S Tassone Farms Onondaga 07/25/16
NY1157296/ NY1157296-516S Wickman's Fruit Farm Suffolk 07/25/16
NY1158425/ NY1158425-516S Deer Run Farms Suffolk 07/26/16
NY1156176/ NY1156176-516S DeBuck's Sod Farm of NY Inc. Orange 07/27/16
NY1157391/ NY1157391-516S Candella's Farm & Greenhouses Oneida 07/27/16
NY1158291/ NY1158291-516S G&S Orchards Wayne 07/27/16
NY1157605/ NY1157605-516S Mead Orchards LLC Dutchess 07/27/16
NY1158923/ NY1158923-516S Tower Family LLP Niagara 07/28/16
NY1157765/ NY1157765-516S Pavero Cold Storage Ulster 07/28/16
NY1159044/ NY1159044-516S Wertman Farm Rensselaer 07/29/16
NY1159619/ NY1159619-516S Lindsey Idyllwood Orchard Saratoga 07/29/16
NY1161725/ NY1161725-516S Pioneer Fruit Farm Ulster 07/29/16
NY1156161 Herman J. Weimer Vineyards Yates 07/29/16
NY1158119/ NY1158119-516S The Whitman Nurseries, Inc. Suffolk 07/30/16
NY1157120/ NY1157120-516S Wilklow Orchards LLC Ulster 07/30/16
NY1157105/ NY1157105-516S Harvest Queen Farms, LTD Orange 07/30/16
NY1157399/ NY1157399-516S Wafler Farms Inc. Wayne 07/30/16
NY1157926/ NY1157926-516S Gunnison Lakeshore Orchards, Inc. Essex 07/30/16
NY1160908/ NY1160908-516S Richter's Orchard Suffolk 07/30/16
NY1160546/ NY1160546-516S Rulf's Orchard, LLC Clinton 07/31/16
NY1159532/ NY1159532-516S Bowman Orchards, LLC Saratoga 07/31/16
NY1158440/ NY1158440-516S Evolutionary Organics Ulster 07/31/16
NY1158403/ NY1158403-516S Mammoser Farms Inc. Erie 07/31/16
NY1157815/ NY1157815-516S Forrence Orchards, Inc. Clinton 07/31/16
NY1157530/ NY1157530-516S Becker's Farm LLC. Rensselaer 07/31/16
NY1160279/ NY1160279-516S Windflower Farm Rensselaer 07/31/16
NY1159692/ NY1159692-516S S&SO Produce Farms Orange 08/01/16
NY1160865/ NY1160865-516S Ochs Orchard Orange 08/01/16
NY1157002/ NY1157002-516S Lynn-Ette & Sons Inc. Orleans 08/02/16
NY1159411/ NY1159411-516S Saratoga Apple, Inc. Saratoga 08/02/16
NY1159309/ NY1159309-516S Hickory Hill Farm, LLC Montgomery 08/02/16
NY1160738/ NY1160738-516S Dellamano & Associates Oswego 08/02/16
NY1158809/ NY1158809-516S Joseph Heberle Farms Orleans 08/03/16
NY1160592/ NY1160592-516S Burger's Farm Schenectady 08/03/16
NY1156861/ NY1156861-516S Green Thumb Farms Suffolk 08/03/16
NY1158024/ NY1158024-516S Phillip Wager Farm Wayne 08/03/16
NY1158781/ NY1158781-516S Northern Orchards Co., Inc. Clinton 08/03/16
NY1160207/ NY1160207-516S Wilklow Orchards, LLC Ulster 08/03/16
NY1158189/ NY1158189-516S Bradford Reeve Sr. & Paul Reeve, Inc. Suffolk 08/03/16
NY1162813/ NY1162813-516S Fino Farms, LLC Ulster 08/04/16
NY1156818/ NY1156818-516S Markristo Farm Columbia 08/04/16
NY1156697/ NY1156697-516S Natural Landworks Inc. Erie 08/05/16
NY1159638/ NY1159638-516S Stoneledge Farm, LLC Greene 08/05/16
NY1163200/ NY1163200-516S Knight Orchards of Saratoga County, Inc. Saratoga 08/05/16
NY1165140/ NY1165140-516S Childstock Farms, Inc. Franklin 08/06/16
NY1156322/ NY1156388-516S Saratoga Sod Farm Inc. Albany 08/07/16
NY1156863/ NY1156863-516S Gaia's Breath Farm Herkimer 08/07/16
NY1158548/ NY1158548-516S Rexcroft Farm LLC Greene 08/07/16
NY1157629/ NY1157629-516S Island Park, LLC Albany 08/07/16
NY1157281/ NY1157281-516S Milk Pail, LLC Suffolk 08/07/16
NY1158559/ NY1158559-516S Indian Ladder Farms Albany 08/08/16
NY1158265/ NY1158265-516S Erway Farms Niagara 08/08/16
NY1159597/ NY1159597-516S Golden Harvest Farm Columbia 08/08/16
NY1163602/ NY1163602-516S The Northern Spy, LLC dba Montgomery Place Orchards Dutchess 08/08/16
NY1160811/ NY1160811-516S Denison Farm Rensselaer 08/09/16
NY1162286/ NY1162286-516S Cherry Lawn Fruit Farms, LLC Wayne 08/09/16
NY1158523/ NY1158523-516S Wafler Farms Inc. Wayne 08/10/16
NY1160823/ NY1160823-516S Terhune Orchards Dutchess 08/10/16
NY1158974/ NY1158974-516S Critz Farms Madison 08/10/16
NY1166892/ NY1166892-516S Torrey Farms, Inc. Genesee 08/10/16
NY1159304/ NY1159304-516S Samascott Orchards Columbia 08/12/16
NY1160635/ NY1160635-516S Altamont Orchards, Inc. Albany 08/12/16
NY1160558/ NY1160558-516S Engel's Acres Rensselaer 08/12/16
NY1163472/ NY1163472-516S Roberts Farm Market Orleans 08/12/16
NY1164871/ NY1164871-516S Ledge Park Farms, LLC & Panek Farms (Joint Order) Orleans 08/13/16
NY1163652/ NY1163652-516S Kludt Bros., Inc. Orleans 08/13/16
NY1161983/ NY1161983-516S Robert Circle R Fruit Farm, Inc. Orleans 08/13/16
NY1164469/ NY1164469-516S MG Hurd & Sons Ulster 08/14/16
NY1166903/ NY1166903-516S Torrey Farms, Inc. Genesee 08/14/16
NY1159995/ NY1159995-516S Double D Produce Orange 08/15/16
NY1162362/ NY1162362-516S Kirby Farm Market, LLC Orleans 08/15/16
NY1159565/ NY1159565-516S R&G Produce Orange 08/16/16
NY1163901/ NY1163901-516S Triple G Farms, Inc. Genesee 08/16/16
NY1166345/ NY1166345-516S Altobelli Family Farms Columbia 08/16/16
NY1162442/ NY1162442-516S Pedersen Farms Ontario 08/17/16
NY1163415/ NY1163415-516S Orchard Dale Fruit Company Orleans 08/17/16
NY1165359/ NY1165359-516S Big O Farms Inc. Genesee 08/17/16
NY1164392/ NY1163492-516S Hudson Valley Grown dba Hepworth Farm Ulster 08/19/16
NY1163458/ NY1163458-516S John Mark & Maureen J. Torrey Partnership (Joint Order) Orleans / Genesee 08/21/16
NY1163557/ NY1163557-516S Remembrance Farm & Stick and Stone Farm (Joint Order) Tompkins 08/22/16
NY1162239/ NY1162239-516S Spring Lake Hill Farm Dutchess 08/23/16
NY1163160/ NY1163160-516S Double D Produce Orange 08/23/16
NY1163623/ NY1163623-516S A. Sam Family Farms Chautauqua 08/23/16
NY1164882/ NY1164882-516S Windflower Farm Rensselaer 08/23/16
NY1167344/ NY1167344-516S Lakeview Orchards, Inc. Niagara 08/23/16
NY1170172/ NY1170172-516S Davandjer Farms Orange 08/23/16
NY1165805/ NY1165805-516S Kappus Farms, Inc. Niagara 08/25/16
NY1168073/ NY1168073-516S WG Minard & Sons Ulster 08/25/16
NY1164433/ NY1164433-516S Rulf's Orchard, LLC Clinton 08/26/16
NY1166128/ NY1166128-516S WG Minard & Sons Ulster 08/26/16
NY1165968/ NY1165968-516S A Zimmerman & Sons, Inc. Ulster 08/26/16
NY1164454/ NY1164454-516S Knapp Farms Wayne 08/27/16
NY1167486/ NY1167486-516S Fowler Brothers, Inc. Wayne 08/27/16
NY1165190/ NY1165190-516S Roe Orchards Orange 08/28/16
NY1163446/ NY1163446-516S Harvest Queen Farms, LTD Orange 08/29/16
NY1163575/ NY1163575-516S Honey Dog Farm, LLC Columbia 08/29/16
NY1164967/ NY1164967-516S Blackhorse Farm, Inc. & Buhrmaster Farm, Inc. (Joint Order) Greene/Schenectady 08/29/16
NY1166584/ NY1166584-516S Fino Farms, LLC Ulster 08/29/16
NY1161709/ NY1161709-516S Giroux Orchards, LLC DBA Chazy Orchards Clinton 08/31/16
NY1165201/ NY1165201-516S Dane Hill Farms Dutchess 08/31/16
NY1164987/ NY1164987-516S Hermenet Fruit Farm Wayne 08/31/16
NY1166801/ NY1166801-516S James Kirby Farm dba A&J Farms, LLC. Orleans 08/31/16
NY1162579/ NY1162579-516S James Piedimonte & Sons, Inc. Orleans 09/01/16
NY1165127/ NY1165127-516S Wertman Farm Rensselaer 09/03/16
NY1165267/ NY1165267-516S Voelpel Farms, Inc. Niagara 09/05/16
NY1165686/ NY1165686-516S G&S Orchards Wayne 09/05/16
NY1169445/ NY1169445-516S Weed Farms, Inc. Ulster 09/05/16
NY1166822/ NY1166822-516S Torrey Farms, Inc. Genesee 09/06/16
NY1163891/ NY1163891-516S R&G Produce Orange 09/07/16
NY1165822/ NY1165822-516S Root Brothers Farm Orleans 09/07/16
NY1169230/ NY1169230-516S Dolan Orchards Ulster 09/07/16
NY1168745/ NY1168745-516S Wafler Farms, Inc. Wayne 09/07/16
NY1169224 Pettit Farms, LLC Wayne 09/09/16
NY1168962/ NY1168962-516S Wafler Farms, Inc. Wayne 09/09/16
NY1170194/ NY1170194-516S Stuart Farm, LLC Westchester 09/09/16
NY1167656/ NY1167656-516S Zehr Farms, Inc. Niagara 09/10/16
NY1169061/ NY1169061-516S Northern Orchard Co., Inc. Clinton 09/11/16
NY1169552/ NY1169552-516S Fino Farms, LLC Ulster 09/12/16
NY1169075/ NY1169075-516S Fishkill Farms Dutchess 09/13/16
NY1169678/ NY1169678-516S Donato Farms, Inc. Ulster 09/14/16
NY1169272/ NY1169272-516S DeFisher Fruit Farm and Mason Farms Operating Co., LLC (Joint Order) Wayne 09/14/16
NY1166837/ NY1166837-516S Torrey Farms, Inc. Genesee 09/15/16
NY1170585/ NY1170585-516S MG Hurd & Sons Ulster 09/15/16
NY1167305/ NY1167305-516S A. Sam Family Farms Chautauqua 09/16/16
NY1170213/ NY1170213-516S Cahoon Farms, Inc. Wayne 09/16/16
NY1171632 Wagner's Farm & Market, Inc. Niagara 09/16/16
NY1171778 Pioneer Fruit Farm Ulster 09/16/16
NY1170981/ NY1170981-516S Behling Orchards Oswego 09/18/16
NY1168089/ NY1168089-516S DJ&J Farms, Inc. Cayuga 09/19/16
NY1169646/ NY1169646-516S Bowman Orchards, LLC Saratoga 09/19/16
NY1171210/ NY1171210-516S Terrace Mountain Orchard Schoharie 09/19/16
NY1170948/ NY1170948-516S Simpelaar Fruit Farms Oswego 09/19/16
NY1171155 Beak & Skiff Apple Farms, Inc. Onondaga 09/19/16
NY1170985 Clearview Orchards Onondaga 09/19/16
NY1170928 Simpelaar Fruit Farms Oswego 09/19/16
NY1167589/ NY1167589-516S Putnam Management Properties dba Billy Bob's Orchard Washington 09/20/16
NY1169690/ NY1169690-516S Allstate Apple Exchange dba Hudson River Fruit Dist. Ulster 09/22/16
NY1167316/ NY1167316-516S Forrence Orchards, Inc. Clinton 09/20/16
NY1170218/ NY1170218-516S Porpiglia Farms Inc. Ulster 09/22/16
NY1170417/ NY1170417-516S G&G Farms Inc. Wayne 09/23/16
NY1171169/ NY1171169-516S Dellamano & Associates Oswego 09/23/16
NY1171766 Roberts Farm Market Orleans 09/24/16
NY1172062 HH Dobbins & Son, LLC Orleans 09/24/16
NY1171442 K.S. Datthyn Farms Wayne 09/25/16
NY1163811/ NY1163811-516S Pennings Farm Market Orange 09/27/16
NY1171397 Pavero Cold Storage Ulster 09/27/16
NY1169618/ NY1169618-516S Dewey Produce, Inc. Genesee 09/29/16
NY1170478/ NY1170478-516S Yonder Fruit Farm, Inc. Columbia 09/30/16
NY1171555 Tree Crisp Orchards, LLC dba Tree Crisp Wayne 09/30/16
NY1171887 Rulf's Orchard, LLC Clinton 09/30/16
NY1171460 Hermenet Fruit Farm Wayne 09/30/16
NY1171630 George W. Saulpaugh & Son, Inc. Columbia 10/01/16
NY1170515/ NY1170515-516S Goold Orchards Rensselaer 10/04/16
NY1170138/ NY1170138-516S Lynn-Ette & Sons Inc. Orleans 10/06/16
NY1172242 Robert Circle R Fruit Farm, Inc. Orleans 10/07/16
NY1170961/ NY1170961-516S Critz Farms Madison 10/08/16
NY1171605 Brightly Farms, LLC Monroe 10/08/16

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