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    Direct Payment Card - ATM Safety

    As with all financial transactions, please exercise discretion when using an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM). In addition to any safety measures you take at an ATM, consider these suggestions for added protection.

    • Reduce your time spent at the ATM by preparing any necessary transaction materials prior to your ATM visit.
    • Keep watch for any suspicious activity around you and the ATM when conducting an ATM transaction.
    • Choose an ATM in a well-lit area if your transaction takes place at night.
    • If you notice anything suspicious after you have begun your ATM transaction, immediately cancel it, take your card and find another ATM.
    • Do not count your money while at the ATM--wait until you are in a secure location.
    • Never allow anyone you do not recognize to assist you with the ATM.
    • Remain calm and do not resist if someone approaches you and demands your money. Contact the police immediately after the incident and describe every detail regarding the event.
    • When using a drive-up ATM, be sure to keep your engine running, all doors locked and all other windows rolled up.
    • Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is private. Never tell anyone your PIN or write it down and keep it somewhere that is easily accessible.
    • Shielding the ATM screen with your body helps to prevent onlookers from discovering your PIN.
    • Never allow someone else to use your Direct Payment Card.
    • After your transaction, double-check that you have your card and your receipt--your receipt may have important account information on it.
    • Compare your ATM records with the account statements you receive and confirm that all transactions are correct.
    • If your Direct Payment Card is lost or stolen, call Chase customer service immediately.

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