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Direct Payment Card - Fees

ATM Transactions
Description Transaction Fee Surcharge Fee
ATM Balance Inquiry @ Chase/AllPoint ATMs $0.00 $0.00
ATM Balance Inquiry @ all other ATMs $0.50 Owner of ATM may apply surcharge fee
ATM Cash Withdrawals @ Chase ATMs $0.00 $0.00
ATM Cash Withdrawals @ Allpoint ATMs $0.00 $0.00
ATM Cash Withdrawals @
all other ATMs
$ 1.50
After second non-Chase/AllPoint Transactions within a given month
Owner of ATM may apply surcharge fee
Point of Sale Transactions
Description Transaction Fee Transaction Details
Debit (PIN) $0.00 PIN based purchase transactions
Debit (PIN) $0.00 PIN based purchase transactions with Cash Back options at selected retail locations
Credit (Signature) $0.00 Signature based purchase transactions at all Master Card retail locations
Over the Counter Transaction
Description Transaction Fee Transaction Details
Over the counter cash withdrawals at any Master Card member financial institution $0.00 Free Unlimited over the counter transactions
Customer Fees
Description Transaction Fee Transaction Details
Account Maintenance Fee $0.00 Monthly fee for each card account holder
Replacement Cards (1 per year) $0.00 Each year recipients have the ability to have one replacement card at NO CHARGE per year, thereafter they will have a charge of $5.00 per replacement card
Additional Cards $0.00 Primary Cardholders may request Additional Cards for family members or authorized representatives at NO CHARGE by calling the JPMorgan Chase Customer Service Helpdesk.
Overdraft Fee $0.00 JPMorgan Chase will not charge the cardholder any overdraft fee in the event that there are insufficient funds in the account.
Phone & web Inquiries $0.00 No charge to call the "800" number for balance inquiries or via the web
PIN Changes $0.00 No charge for making PIN Number changes
Customer Service $0.00 No charge for card account holder to contact the JPMC Card Customer Service Line
Monthly Account Statements $0.00 No charge for printing and mailing monthly account statements to card holders
Other Optional Ancilary Charges
Description Transaction Fee Transaction Details
Description Transaction Fee Transaction Details
Requests Expedited Card delivery $10.00 Per card fee for requesting expedited delivery of card
International ATM Withdrawals Fee $3.00 Per transaction fee for international withdrawals
Check Issuance to Close Account $12.50 Per check fee for issuing a check on a closed account
Currency Conversion 3.5% Conversion charge for converting into foreign currency
Transaction Denied for Insufficient Funds $0.50 Per transaction fee for attempt to withdraw funds beyond the account balance
Maintenance of Inactive Accounts $1.50 Per month fee associated with inactive account beyond twelve (12) consecutive months (one year) of no deposit, withdrawal or purchase activity

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