If you are a public or private employer, and the Department of Labor has issued an Order to Comply or Notice of Violation against you, that you wish to appeal, you may be interested in filing a Petition for review of the matter with our Board. For information regarding filing a Petition with the Industrial Board of Appeals, please refer to the Rules of Procedure and Practice, a copy of which can be obtained from our Albany office:

Industrial Board of Appeals
Empire State Plaza
Agency Building 2, 20th Floor
Albany, NY 12223
(518) 474-4785

or you may view a copy of these Rules at the IBA Rules page of this website.

Petitions should be filed with the Albany office at the address indicated above. There is no filing fee. Our Rules provide that you must file an Original and Three Copies of the Petition. In addition, you must provide the Board with complete and accurate information regarding how to contact you: including Mailing Address, Telephone Number, Fax Number, and any other pertinent information you wish to provide. It is your responsibility to update the Board of any change in this information. Also keep in mind that there are absolute time deadlines by which Petitions must be filed. It is your responsibility to be certain that you have complied with these Deadlines.

Please note that the IBA is a separate and independent review Board, and is not affiliated with the office of the Department of Labor which may have issued the Order or Notice at issue, and has no prior independent knowledge of same. The Board is not a law enforcement agency, and exercises no enforcement functions.