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Albany, NY (April 18, 2007) - State Labor Commissioner M. Patricia Smith today announced that the New York State Department of Labor will offer Unemployment Insurance (UI) claimants the option of having their UI benefit payments deposited directly into their personal checking accounts. “Direct Deposit is another step in the Department of Labor’s continuing effort to provide better customer service,” said Commissioner Smith. “Our customers asked for a more convenient way to access their UI benefit payments and we responded with a system that provides benefits in a timely manner.”

Claimants can only register for direct deposit on the Labor Department’s web site when they file their new claim or certify for weekly benefits. If claimants do not have a bank account, or prefer not to select this option, they will receive their benefit payments via the Direct Payment Card. The Direct Payment Card program began in September 2006.

Initial registration for direct deposit will take approximately 5 business days from the time the claimant’s financial information is received. However, once established, claimants will receive their benefits within three days of payments being authorized by the Labor Department.

Should claimants need to update their bank account information, or decide to cancel the direct deposit option, they can easily make the changes on the “Confirmation Page” when filing their claim. Once cancelled, claimants will receive their benefits via the Direct Payment Card.

The Direct Payment Card also gives claimants immediate and convenient access to their benefits surcharge-free at millions of locations in New York State.

Direct Deposit is another innovation made to the Unemployment Insurance system over the past twelve years. The system has been streamlined and modernized to allow customers to file claims via the Internet or by phone and no longer wait in line for hours to apply for their benefits.

For more information about the Direct Deposit program or Unemployment Insurance, visit the Labor Department’s web site at and click on the Direct Deposit logo.