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Wage Board to Hold Public Hearing in Albany on May 15
Changes to regulations governing wages of workers in the restaurant and hotel industries

Albany, NY (April 16, 2009) -

Wage Board Members:
Linda Donahue, Chair
Neil Kwatra
Daniel C. Murphy
Rick J. Sampson
James W. Versocki, Esq.
Peter Ward

Pursuant to Labor Law Sections 653(2) and 655(4) and the Open Meeting Law, the New York State Department of Labor hereby gives public notice that on Friday, May 15, 2009, the Wage Board will hold a public hearing to receive testimony regarding changes to the Wage Orders governing wages payable to restaurant industry and hotel industry workers, which are Parts 137 and 138 of Title 12 of the NY Codes, Rules and Regulations.

The hearing will be held at the following location at the designated time:

Albany - Noon to 3:00 PM - Friday, May 15, 2009
NYS Department of Labor
Building 12, Training Rooms D & E
Harriman State Office Campus
Albany, NY 12240.

Persons planning to attend the hearing are requested to pre-register by Wednesday, May 13, 2009 using mail, phone, fax or e-mail to the following:

NYS Department of Labor, Attn: Jean Lindholm, Building 12, Room 185B, Harriman State Office Campus, Albany, New York 12240, phone (518) 485-7531, fax (518) 457-8452, or

Click here for a preregistration form.

Pre-registrants will be given the opportunity to speak first, after which persons who have not preregistered may speak. The Commissioner's Charge to the Wage Board is available on the Wage Board page of the NYS Department of Labor's web site, or a copy can be requested using the contact information above.

Speakers are requested (but not required) to prepare their testimony in writing and to make 10 copies available at the hearing. Oral presentations will be limited to 10 minutes each. Written testimony will be accepted until June 3, 2009.

All attendees must bring photo ID with them to present to Building Security prior to entering the hearing.

The hearing facilities meet the accessibility needs of individuals with disabilities. Persons planning to attend the hearing who are in need of reasonable accommodations such as interpreters, assistive listening devices, large-print or Braille materials should so inform the Department when pre-registering, as far in advance of the hearing as possible.

If translation services are needed, please indicate what language when pre-registering, as far in advance of the hearing as possible.

Within five working days after the hearing, a video of the hearing will be available on the Department of Labor web site,

For further information, contact the NYS Department of Labor as instructed above.