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In New York City, Labor Department and OTDA Announce Coordinated Efforts to Help 56,000 New Yorkers About to Exhaust Unemployment Benefits
27,000 New York City Residents Impacted

New York City, NY (April 20, 2009) - State Labor Commissioner M. Patricia Smith and Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance Commissioner David A. Hansell today launched a coordinated effort to assist the more than 56,000 unemployed New Yorkers in danger of exhausting their Unemployment Insurance benefits, which include more than 27,000 New York City residents.

State Labor Commissioner M. Patricia Smith said, “We are moving full speed ahead to help the unemployed both across the state and here in New York City. I encourage businesses to post jobs with the Department of Labor so that we can connect workers with these jobs immediately. I also strongly advise those New York City residents on the cusp of exhausting their Unemployment Insurance benefits to visit their local One-Stop Career Center immediately.”

Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) Commissioner David A. Hansell said, “Anyone facing the loss of unemployment insurance benefits, and even those collecting unemployment, should visit our web site,, to see what other assistance may be available to them. The site is an e-government hub for human services that allows New Yorkers to connect with a range of benefits and services that they may be eligible for. We are fully committed to helping struggling New Yorkers cope with this economic downturn.”

Commissioner Smith encouraged residents of New York City to take advantage of the services provided by the Department of Labor’s 81 One-Stop Career Centers across the state, which include training opportunities, career counseling, resume-writing services, career workshops and access to computer banks and fax machines.

Commissioner Hansell reminded unemployed New Yorkers that that there are other benefits out there that the unemployed may qualify for, including Food Stamps, the Earned Income Tax Credit, Home Energy Assistance Program and various emergency grants. Anyone can check to see if they may be eligible for these and other benefits and services by quickly answering a simple set of questions online at The site also provides information on how and where to apply for these programs.

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