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Statement from New York Labor Commissioner Colleen Gardner on the UI Extension and Summer Youth Bill

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Albany, NY (June 24, 2010) -

With yet another legislative vote on the horizon that includes Unemployment Insurance (UI) and summer youth jobs, I want to remind those U.S. Senators opposing H.R. 4213 of the moral and economic impact a failed vote would have on those who need it the most.  

I want to remind Congress of the heart wrenching stories I hear every day from the unemployed who have exhausted their benefits and have no money to provide the very basics for their families.  Some have even lost their homes.   They should be reminded that with every dollar paid in benefits to the unemployed, $1.62 goes right back into local economies.  

They should be reminded that a yes vote helps some of our most vulnerable constituencies  - the unemployed in  their time of need, youth who are looking for their first job, and struggling small business owners in need of a lift.  

The amount needed to fund this extension is a sound investment that can yield the highest return of all – our continued road to economic recovery.   I urge the U.S. Senate to follow the lead of Senator Schumer and Gillibrand and vote "yes" on this important and needed bill. 


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