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Commissioner Gardner Highlights a Southern Tier Employment Success Story

Programs from Department of Labor Aid The Raymond Corporation in Employee Training, Development

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Albany, NY (August 18, 2010) -

At a press conference at The Raymond Corporation in Greene, NY, State Labor Commissioner Colleen C. Gardner touted the fact that The Raymond Corporation is hiring up to 100 workers over the next 60 days. She also had a message for companies in the Southern Tier.

"If you are a company in the Southern Tier, the Labor Department will be there for you and your workers," Gardner said.

Last February, at a press conference in Binghamton, The Raymond Corporation joined the Department of Labor to promote its Shared Work program. The program, which The Raymond Corporation actively participated in last year, gives employers an alternative to layoffs. Rather than lay off a percentage of workers to cut costs, an employer can reduce the hours of all or a select group of employees. Those workers can use the program to collect partial UI benefits to make up for the lost wages. The Raymond Corporation credits the program with saving dozens of jobs at the company. For more information on the Shared Work program, call (518) 457-5807.

"And when you have hiring needs, the Labor Department will be there as well," said Commissioner Gardner.

Late last year, The Raymond Corporation started hiring again in the Southern Tier. They placed job orders at Labor Department offices and took advantage of On-the-Job Training (OJT) through both Broome-Tioga Workforce New York and the Chenango-Delaware-Otsego Workforce Investment Board. They also applied for the State OJT program and that application is pending. Since January 1, The Raymond Corporation has been actively hiring, and among those new hires, 20 have participated in the OJT program. They plan to hire up to 100 more workers over the next 60 days and hope to take advantage of Labor Department services to assist with this rapid expansion in the Southern Tier.

Stephen E. VanNostrand, Vice President of Human Resources at The Raymond Corporation, said, "The Raymond Corporation is an active supporter of Employee Training and Development. We would like to thank the New York State Department of Labor for partnering with us in many areas, including On-the-Job Training. It is through programs such as this, that The Raymond Corporation can reach out to those in the community that are searching for new opportunities or careers that provide them an entry into the manufacturing arena. We look forward to continuing to work together to attract, develop and retain exceptional talent that supports The Raymond Corporation in maintaining its market leading position while creating new jobs in the Southern Tier."

There are two ways to take advantage of the OJT program; the first is to contact your nearest local workforce investment board. Businesses in the Southern Tier can also apply for the Department of Labor's statewide On-the-Job Training (OJT) program. An OJT grant returns up to 30% of the newly hired trainee's pay until the employee is proficient in their new job. Another 20% of pay is allowed if the newly hired employee has been unemployed for a long period of time. This helps the employer cover the high cost of training.

$2.8 million in federal funds have been set aside to support the OJT Program. These funds are made available to the State under the federal government's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The Labor Department estimates that more than 550 unemployed workers will be hired through this program.

Private sector, for-profit and not-for-profit businesses are eligible to apply for up to $50,000 in OJT grants. Each training plan is capped at $5,000 per trainee. Intermediaries that represent a business membership are also eligible. The OJT must take place at a physical business location in New York State. The job the employee is training for must be a full-time job (35 hours or more per week) and pay at least $10.00 an hour.

Businesses interested in more information about applying for On-the-Job Training grants should send an email to: StateOJT@labor.ny.gov. Please put "Intent to Apply" in the subject line and include contact information in the body of your email. A business service representative from the Department of Labor will then be in contact with you regarding the application.

The Raymond Corporation also utilizes the HIRE Act when hiring unemployed New Yorkers to help their company grow. Under the HIRE Act, employers who hire New Yorkers out of work for 60 days or more this year (after Feb. 3, 2010 and before Jan. 1, 2011) may qualify for a 6.2 percent payroll tax incentive. In addition, for each worker retained for at least a year, businesses may claim an additional tax credit up to $1,000 if they keep that individual on the payroll for 52 weeks.

Commissioner Gardner concluded, "The story of the Raymond Corporation is a great story of innovation and investment in human capitol.  Most importantly, the Labor Department has been with them every step of the way."

To apply for jobs at The Raymond Corporation, visit their web site at http://www.raymondcorp.com/ to apply on-line. You can also visit your nearest One-Stop Career Center for assistance. A directory can be found at: http://www.labor.ny.gov/workforcenypartners/osview.asp


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