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Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor Peter M. Rivera, Commissioner

Statement from State Labor Commissioner Colleen C. Gardner on the Unemployment Bill Making its Way through the U.S. Senate

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Albany, NY (July 19, 2010) -

190,000 New Yorkers are out there right now, scared of losing everything because they've exhausted their Unemployment Insurance benefits.  This week, the U.S. Senate has an opportunity to provide relief to these New Yorkers and their families and the two million Americans facing the same crisis. We expect a vote to be taken up as early as tomorrow.  I urge the U.S. Senate to put politics aside, and do what's right for these families and for the economy.

Testimonials like the ones below are being repeated in two million households across the country.  Our message to the U.S. Senate is simple:  Please do not turn your backs on these Americans in need.

"How will I pay my mortgage and bills?"

- Adam from Albany

"I am devastated and I fear that my family and I are on the verge of losing everything."

- Ruth from the Bronx

"I will exhaust my Tier I benefits on Aug. 15. I do not qualify for any State Assistance. I am scared to death."

- Jeffrey from Rochester

 "So please, for me and all the other people scared to death of this hold up, please pass the bill."

- Angela from Middle Village


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