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Drop in NYS Unemployment Rate Shortens Weeks of Unemployment Benefits

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Albany, NY (July 21, 2010) -

New York's monthly statewide unemployment rate has been on the decline since February 2010.  New York State's 3 month average unemployment rate for April, May and June is 8.3%.

This is now below the 8.5% three month average unemployment rate that is required by the federal government to trigger six weeks of additional benefits under Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) Tier 4.  The U.S. Department of Labor has informed us that, starting August 16, no new claims can be filed for Tier 4 benefits.

This will reduce the maximum number of available weeks of UI benefit from 99 weeks to 93 weeks.  However, the UI bill states that all extended benefits will end the week of December 5, which means that most unemployed New Yorkers will not be able to reach a maximum of even 93 weeks.

For updates on benefit extensions, continue to visit http://www.labor.ny.gov/ for updates. We encourage all claimants to check our Unemployment Calculator once the bill is signed to find out the exact number of weeks you are eligible for.  


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