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Labor Department Warns New Yorkers About Online Employment Scams

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Albany, NY (October 08, 2010) -

Today State Labor Commissioner Colleen C. Gardner alerted all New Yorkers on the growing number of online employment scam promising high salaries for very little work.  These solicitations are appearing on social media pages like Facebook and e-mail in boxes designed to lure desperate job seekers.  The Labor Department was notified of this scam by several job seekers who use the Labor Department's Facebook page.

"In these difficult times, with so many New Yorkers desperately seeking employment, the idea of these predators targeting our vulnerable citizens is appalling," said Labor Commissioner Colleen C. Gardner.  "These ‘jobs' are not endorsed by the Department of Labor. If you want real jobs, we have them for you.  I encourage all unemployed New Yorkers to use our new Job Bank and visit a local One-Stop Career Center."

Some suggestions for avoiding these rip-off artists:

  • In your e-mails, don't open any unsolicited e-mails or any unscanned attachments, even if the attachments are from people with whom you usually communicate.
  • In your Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, don't "friend" recklessly and be especially wary of any unsolicited invitations.
  • And never provide personal information except to a completely trusted and secure site.

  Remember the old saying - if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

And finally, if you feel you've been a victim of one of the scams contact your local law enforcement agency.


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