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Employment Services

Employment services is a growing field offering many diverse employment opportunities to workers in the region. An increase in business at local firms is helping to fuel growth in this industry. During January – September 2007, 7,519 Central New Yorkers worked in employment services.

Graph of employment trends

Human capital is the major input for these firms that are in the business of selling the expertise of their employees. Most temporary jobs in this industry require only graduation from high school, while some permanent jobs may require a bachelor’s or higher degree.

The employment services sector consists of three component industries. The largest is temporary help services (55 percent). Businesses in this industry primarily supply workers to clients’ businesses for limited periods of time to supplement the clients' work forces. The individuals provided to the clients remain employees of the temporary help firms. However, temporary help firms do not provide direct supervision of their employees at the clients’ work sites. Temporary jobs provide an entry into the workforce, supplemental income, and a bridge to full-time employment for many workers. Nevertheless, many workers in temporary assignments would prefer the stability and greater benefits associated with full-time work.

The second largest component industry is professional employer organizations (43 percent). These firms primarily are engaged in providing human resources and human resource management services to staff client businesses. Firms operate in a co-employment relationship with client businesses or organizations and specialize in performing a wide range of human resource and personnel management duties such as payroll accounting, payroll tax return preparation, benefits administration, recruiting, and managing labor relations.

The smallest component industry is employment placement agencies and executive search services (2 percent). This industry includes firms primarily engaged in listing employment vacancies and in referring or placing applicants for employment. The individuals referred or placed are not employees of the employment agencies. In addition, executive search services comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing executive search, recruitment, and placement services for clients with specific executive and senior management position requirements. The individuals identified, recruited, or placed are not employees of the executive search services establishments.

Graph of employment trends

Increasing demand for flexible work arrangements and schedules, coupled with significant turnover in these positions, should create plentiful job opportunities for persons who seek jobs as temporary or contract workers. Employment in this industry also tends to follow the business cycle, so when the economy is expanding, employment tends to increase in this sector and when the economy is weak, employment tends to decrease in this sector.

Wages tend to be low in employment services. The average weekly paycheck for the region’s employment services worker - $471 – is almost 36 percent lower than the average for all industries combined. Wages do tend to vary for each component industry. The highest paying component industry is employment placement agencies and executive search services with average weekly wages of $645.

Graph of employment trends

Common occupations found in employment services that provide many job opportunities include laborers and freight, stock, and material movers, hand; executive secretaries and administrative assistants; office clerks, general; registered nurses; receptionists and information clerks; licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses; nursing aides, orderlies, and attendants; packers and packagers, hand; and customer service representatives.

Further sources of information about jobs in the employment services industry include the following:

  • Current job listings and other career resources can be found on the New York State Department of Labor web page (
  • Local New York State Department of Labor offices and One-Stop Centers – look in the Blue Pages of the phone book under State Government, Labor Department
  • The Yellow Pages in the phone book list specific employment services companies – look under the headings: Employment Agencies; Employment Contractors-Temporary Help; Employment Svce.-Employee Leasing
  • Daily newspapers
  • People working in the field

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