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Licensed Radiologic Technologist

Licensed Radiologic Technologist: Radiographer; Radiation Therapist; Nuclear Medicine Technologist


Working under the supervision of a licensed practitioner, the radiologic technologist uses radiation-producing equipment on human beings for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

Nuclear Medicine Technology is the use of radiopharmaceuticals administered to human beings for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes under the supervision of a physician authorized by a radioactive materials license.

Licensing Requirements

An applicant must file an application with the New York State Department of Health, Bureau of Environmental Radiation Protection to become licensed as a radiologic technologist and pay the necessary fees. In addition, an applicant must be of good moral character. There is a continuing education requirement that became effective January 1, 2010. The regulations governing the practice of radiologic technology underwent a substantial revision in 2008. All registered technologists must demonstrate they have met this requirement when they renew their New York State registration.

Age Requirement

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

Education and Experience

Applicants must complete a program for radiologic technology that the State Health Department has approved.

Fees: (as of January 1, 2012)

At the time of licensure, $120 is due to cover the license and the first 30 days of registration. Initial registration is $20 per year, which typically billed for a four year period (i.e. $80). After that, $80 is due every 4 years for renewal.

Examination Requirements and Description

Applicants must pass a written examination given by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) or by the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMTCB), as applicable. They must pass with a score of 75 percent or better.

Licenses Issued and Active

During 2013, there were 1,054 licenses issued for Radiologic Technologist.
As of July 1, 2014, there were 19,980 active licenses for Radiologic Technologist.

Licensing Authority

New York State Department of Health
Bureau of Environmental Radiation Protection
547 River Street, Room 530
Troy, New York 12180-2216
Phone: (518) 402-7580
Fax: (518) 402-7575
Email: Bureau of Environmental Radiation Protection

Additional Information

American Registry of Radiologic Technologists
1255 Northland Drive
St. Paul, Minnesota 55120-1155
Phone: (651) 687-0048

Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMTCB)
3558 Habersham at Northlake, Bldg I
Tucker, GA 30084
Phone: (404)315-1739
Fax: (404)315-6502

Standard Occupational Classification

29-2034 - Licensed Radiological Technologist: Radiographer, Radiation Therapist, Nuclear Medicine Technologist 
To learn more about this occupation search the Occupational Information Network (O*Net).


Fees stated and other information contained in this report are subject to change. Please contact the licensing authority listed above for the most current information.

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