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Training/599 Program: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I receive benefits if I am in school or would like to go to a school or training program?

In certain cases, Unemployment Insurance Law allows claimants to receive benefits while in an approved training course or program. The Department of Labor must review and approve the training first. If DOL approves the training, claimants do not need to look for work while in training. They also may be able to collect additional weeks of benefits, if funding is available.

To qualify for DOL approval, the training must:

  • Consist of at least 12 hours per week
  • Be completed within 24 months
  • Enhance your ability to find more long-term work in the state or local labor market

If you marked on your claim that you are attending or will attend a training program, we will contact you to review your course or program. If you delay telling us about training acceptance or attendance, you may lose some benefits. If you fail to tell us that you are in training while receiving benefits, you may be subject to penalties. You could possibly lose future benefits.

If you would like to attend training, contact your local New York State Career Center promptly. The sooner you contact your Career Center, the more likely it is that you can qualify to receive the maximum benefit allowed under this program. Trained counselors at the  Career Center can assess your training needs and refer you to training programs in your area. Ask about the 599 Training Program. Find the Career Center nearest you.

In cases where DOL does not approve your training, you may still be able to collect benefits while in training. It will depend on whether you can look for and accept work.


If I am still in training when my regular benefits end, can I receive further benefits?

If DOL approves you for training, you may be eligible for up to a maximum of 26 weeks of additional benefits. However, we do not always have the funding. This means that even if we approve your training, you might not receive additional benefits or your benefits may not cover the entire time that you are in training.


What if I am in the NYS Registered Apprenticeship Program?


You are taking part in a New York State Registered Apprenticeship program


Going to training


Claiming Unemployment Insurance benefits


You must inform the Telephone Claim Center.

The staff needs to know that the training is required by your agreement (AT401) for the Registered Apprenticeship program.


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