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Subpart 56-10


56-10.1     Large and small asbestos projects
56-10.2     Restricted entry

Historical Note:  Subpart (§56-10.1) filed July 7, 1987 eff. July 28, 1987.

§ 56-10.1   Large and small asbestos projects.

     (a)   Rooms and configuration.  A waste decontamination enclosure system shall consist of the following:

     (1)   Washroom/cleanup room.  A washroom/cleanup room shall be constructed with an airlock doorway to the work area and another airlock doorway to the holding area. (See Figure 3.)


Image of a waste decontamination enclosure system

     (2)   Holding area.  The holding area shall be constructed with an airlock doorway to the washroom/cleanup room and another lockable door to the outside. (See Figure 3.)

     (b)   Equipment/washroom alternative.  Where there is only one egress from the work area, the holding area of the waste decontamination enclosure system may branch off from the equipment decontamination room, which doubles as a waste washroom, of the personal decontamination enclosure. (See Figure 4.)

Image of a Waste Decontamination Encloser System

     (c)   Drains.  The waste washroom shall be equipped with a drain installed to collect water and deliver it to the shower drain where it shall be filtered in accordance with Subpart 56-9 of this Part. Waste shall be transferred only during times when the showers are not in use.

     (d)   Shower/washroom alternative.   In small asbestos projects where only one egress from the work area exists, the shower room may be used as a waste washroom. In this instance, the clean room shall not be used for waste storage, but shall be used for waste transfer to carts, which shall be immediately removed from this enclosure. (See Figure 2.)

Image of a Parallel Personal and Waste Decontamination Encloser System

Historical Note:  Sec. filed July 7, 1987; amd. filed Oct. 25, 1994 eff. Nov. 9, 1994. Amended (a)(1).

§ 56-10.2   Restricted entry.

     Entry to the waste decontamination system shall be restricted to the following: the contractor, employees of the contractor, authorized visitors, police, fire and other public safety personnel.

Historical Note:  Sec. filed Oct. 18, 1991 eff. Jan. 1, 1992.

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