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Subpart 56-11


56-11.1     General requirements

Historical Note:  Subpart (§56-11.1) filed July 7, 1987; amd. filed Oct. 18, 1991 eff. Jan. 1, 1992. Amended Part title.

§ 56-11.1   General requirements.

     (a)   Access.  Entry to the decontamination system (personal or waste) shall be restricted to the following: contractor, employees of the contractor, authorized visitors, police, fire and other public safety personnel.

     (b)   Preabatement settling period.  Upon completion of the construction of all plastic barriers and decontamination system enclosures, and prior to beginning actual abatement activities, 12-hour settling shall be allowed to insure that barriers will remain intact and secured to walls and fixtures.

     (c)   Inspection of barriers.  All plastic barriers inside the work area, in the personal decontamination enclosure system, in the waste decontamination enclosure system and at partitions constructed to isolate the work area from occupied areas, shall be inspected by the asbestos supervisor at least twice daily. The barriers shall be inspected before the start of and following the completion of the day's abatement activities. Inspections and observations shall be documented in a daily project log.

     (d)   Repairs to barriers and/or enclosure systems.  Damage and defects in the barriers and/or enclosure systems shall be repaired immediately upon discovery and prior to resumption of abatement activities.

     (e)   Testing of barriers and enclosure systems.With the negative air pressure ventilation units in operation, smoke tubes shall be used to test the effectiveness of the work area barriers and the personal and waste decontamination enclosure systems. These tests shall be performed prior to the beginning of abatement activities and at least once a day thereafter until satisfactory clearance air-monitoring results have been achieved. Test results, observations and any modifications shall be documented in a daily project log.

     (f)   Loss of enclosure integrity.  At any time during the abatement activities, if visible emissions are observed outside of the work area or if damage occurs to the barriers, work shall be stopped, repairs made and visible residue immediately cleaned up, using HEPA-vacuuming and/or wet-cleaning methods, prior to the resumption of abatement activities.

     (g)   Daily cleaning of enclosures.  The employer shall HEPA-vacuum and/or wet-clean the waste decontamination enclosure system and the personal decontamination enclosure system at the end of each day of abatement activities.

Historical Note:  Sec. filed July 7, 1987; amd. filed Oct. 18, 1991 eff. Jan. 1, 1992.

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