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Subpart 56-14


56-14.1     General requirements

Historical Note:  Subpart (§56-14.1) filed July 7, 1987 eff. July 28, 1987.

§ 56-14.1     General requirements.

The enclosure of asbestos material shall be conducted in accordance with the following:

     (a)  Work area preparation.  The work area shall be cleaned and isolated in accordance with Subpart 56-8 of this Part.

     (b)   Use of amended water.  Areas that may be disturbed during the installation of hangers or other support/framing materials for the enclosure shall be sprayed with amended water. These areas shall be kept damp to reduce airborne asbestos concentrations.

     (c)   Loose/hanging asbestos material.  Loose and hanging asbestos material shall be removed in accordance with the requirements of Subpart 56-12 of this Part.

     (d)   Repair of fireproofing/thermal insulation.  After installation of hangers, brackets or other enclosure supports, and before installation of enclosure material, damaged areas of fireproofing/thermal insulation shall be repaired using a nonasbestos material as per Subpart 56-7 of this Part. Surfaces shall be prepared and replacement material applied in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations.

     (e)  Integrity of installation.  Enclosure material shall be impact resistant and installed to provide an airtight barrier.

     (f)   Utility maintenance.  Utilities shall be lowered as necessary and reinstalled in a manner which allows proper utilization and does not disturb the integrity of the enclosures. Utility maintenance shall not require the enclosures to be opened or disturbed.

     (g)   Ducts.  Ducts insulated with asbestos material shall not be enclosed.

     (h)  Air plenums.  Asbestos material-insulated air plenums, which are not readily accessible for inspection, shall not be enclosed.

     (i)   Cleanup.  Cleanup shall be conducted in accordance with Subpart 56-15 of this Part.

     (j)   Marking or labeling.  Enclosed asbestos material shall be conspicuously marked or labeled in order to warn persons of its presence.

Historical Note:  Sec. filed July 7, 1987 eff. July 28, 1987.

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