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Subpart 56-4


Note: Pursuant to the definition of plasticize at section 56-1.4(bh) of this Part, fire retardant plastic sheeting is required.

56-4.1     General requirements

Historical Note:  Subpart (§56-4.1) filed July 7, 1987; amd. filed Oct. 18, 1991 eff. Jan. 1, 1992.

§ 56-4.1   General requirements.

     The following procedures shall be followed throughout the asbestos abatement project until satisfactory clearance air-monitoring results have been achieved:

     (a)   Entry and exit.  All persons shall enter and exit the work area through the personal decontamination enclosure system.

     (b)   Entry/exit log.  All persons who enter the work area or an enclosure shall sign the entry/exit log, located in the clean room, upon every entry and exit.

     (c)   Knowledge of procedures.  All persons, before entering the work area or an enclosure, shall read and be familiar with all posted regulations, personal protection requirements, including work area entry and exit procedures, and emergency procedures. The entry/exit log headings shall indicate, and the signatures shall be used to acknowledge, that these have been reviewed and understood by all persons prior to entry.

     (d)   Personal protective equipment.  All persons shall proceed first to the clean room, remove all street clothing, store these items in clean sealable plastic bags or lockers, and don coveralls, head covering, foot covering and gloves. All authorized visitors shall also don NIOSH- approved respiratory protection. Clean respirators and protective clothing shall be utilized by each authorized visitor for each separate entry into the work area. Respirators shall be inspected prior to each use and tested for proper seal using quantitative or qualitative fit checks.

     (e)   Tools.  Persons wearing designated personal protective equipment shall proceed from the clean room through the shower room to the equipment room, where necessary tools are collected and any additional clothing shall be donned, before entry into the work area.

     (f)   Removal of gross contamination.  Before leaving the work area, all persons shall remove gross contamination from the outside of respirators and protective clothing by brushing, wet cleaning and/or HEPA vacuuming.

     (g)   Removal of personal protective equipment.  Persons shall proceed to the equipment room, where all coveralls, head covering, foot covering and gloves shall be removed. Disposable clothing shall be deposited into labeled containers for disposal. Reusable contaminated clothing, footwear, headgear and gloves shall be stored in the equipment room when not being used in the work area. Authorized visitors shall not remove respirators during this process.

     (h)   Showering.  Still wearing respirators, persons shall proceed to the shower area, clean the outside of the respirator and the exposed face area under running water prior to removal of the respirator, and then fully and vigorously shower and shampoo to remove residual asbestos contamination. Respirators shall be washed thoroughly with soap and water. Some types of respirators will require slight modification of these procedures. An airline respirator with HEPA- filtered disconnect protection shall be disconnected in the equipment room and worn into the shower. A powered air-purifying respirator facepiece shall be disconnected from the filter/power pack assembly prior to entering the shower.

     (i)   Clean room/clothing.  After showering and drying, all persons shall proceed to the clean room and don clean personal protective equipment if returning to the work area, or street clothing if exiting the enclosure.

Historical Note:  Sec. filed July 7, 1987 eff. July 28, 1987.

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