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Subpart 56-7


56-7.1     General requirements

Historical Note:  Subpart (§56-7.1) filed July 7, 1987 eff. July 28, 1987.

§ 56-7.1   General requirements.

     (a)   Storage of materials.  Materials shall be stored off the ground, away from wet or damp surfaces and under protective cover to prevent damage or contamination. Replacement materials shall be stored outside the work area and enclosure until abatement is completed.

     (b)   Damaged or deteriorating materials.  Damaged or deteriorating materials shall not be used and shall be removed from the premises.

     (c)   Fireproofing or insulation protection.  When asbestos material that has been used for fireproofing or insulation protection has been removed, protection, at least equivalent to that removed, shall be provided and installed in conformance with all applicable codes.

     (d)   Plastic sheeting.  Fire-retardant plastic sheeting of at least six-mil thickness, in sizes and shapes to minimize the number of joints, shall be employed for containment.

     (e)   Adhesive materials.  Duct tape or spray adhesive shall be capable of sealing joints of adjacent sheets of plastic, facilitating attachment of plastic sheets to finished or unfinished surfaces of dissimilar materials and adhering under both dry and wet conditions.

     (f)   Surfactants.  Any surfactant used shall be noncarcinogenic and not generally toxic in normal use.

     (g)   Containers.  Watertight containers shall be provided to receive and retain any asbestos- containing or -contaminated material for storage until disposal. The containers shall be marked with caution labels.

     (j)   Plastic bags.  Plastic bags used for waste storage or disposal shall be at least six mils in thickness and be marked with caution labels.

     (i)   Enclosure project materials.  Materials for enclosure projects shall be impact-resistant and installed to be airtight.

     (j)   Ventilation for power tools.  Power tools used to drill, cut into, or otherwise disturb asbestos material shall be equipped with HEPA-filtered local exhaust ventilation.

     (k)   Ladders and/or scaffolds for visitors.  The employer shall make available, to authorized visitors, ladders and/or scaffolds of sufficient dimension and quantity so that all work surfaces can be easily and safely reached. Scaffold joints and ends shall be sealed with tape to prevent incursion of asbestos. Scaffolds and ladders shall comply with all applicable codes.

Historical Note:  Sec. filed July 7, 1987; amd. filed Oct. 18, 1991 eff. Jan. 1, 1992. Amended (d).

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