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JobZone, NYESS/OSOS, & REOS Resources and Guides

OSOS Help Desk

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NYESS/OSOS Guides by Program

Expeditious and Rapid Response OSOS Guide (8/22/2013)

NYSERDA Green Jobs Green New York Training OSOS Guide (3/23/2012)

H1-B ITA OSOS Guide (5/30/2012)

Learning, Employment, Advancement and Placement (LEAP); OSOS Guide (11/26/2013)

Short Time Compensation Grant (STC) OSOS Guide (8/12/2015)

Ticket to Work OSOS Guide (1/10/2013)

WIF-BEAM OSOS Guide (3/14/2016)

WIF-STEM OSOS Guide (12/2/2013)

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