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Initial Assessment Policy

All NYS Career Center customers must receive an Initial Assessment (IA) as their first staff-assisted service. The IA is to be the first personal engagement with the customer to determine which of the two following service paths is the most appropriate to achieve the individual’s career plans: (1) Job Search Ready Services (JSRS); or (2) Career Development Services (CDS).

All UI claimants who are not work search exempt must be scheduled for an initial assessment as early as possible in their claims cycle; at a maximum, within two weeks from the date the detailed claim information is made available for scheduling in the Re-Employment Operating System (REOS)

A quality IA determination is based on a one-to-one interview with the customer, where the career advisor takes into consideration: the customer’s occupational goals, existing skills, work search readiness and barriers to employment; local labor market conditions; and desire for skills upgrading and/or training. A quality IA also results in information relevant to a résumé being recorded in the customer's case file.


Job Search Ready Services

Career Development Services

Technical Advisory #08-4.1 

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