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Integrating Trade Act Programs With WIA

Local workforce investment boards shall ensure that their strategic planning process includes an analysis of the local labor market to:

  • Determine employer needs;
  • Determine emerging, targeted, and demand occupations;
  • Identify employment opportunities, which include those with a potential for career advancement; and
  • Identify employer-based training opportunities.

Boards shall set local policies for a Trade Act service strategy that coordinate various service delivery approaches to:

  • Assist dislocated workers eligible for Trade benefits in obtaining suitable employment as an alternative to referral to training;
  • Promote the use of WIA core and intensive services to support the rapid reattachment to the workforce;
  • Refer individuals to prevocational and vocational training in demand and targeted occupations; and
  • Assist in job retention and career advancement.

Boards shall ensure that dislocated workers eligible for Trade benefits, who are unable to find suitable employment through WIA Title I core services, are co-enrolled in WIA Title I dislocated worker services for referral to WIA-funded intensive and Trade-funded training services.

Technical Advisory #04-6

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