Update on Emerging Worker Subcommittee
November 6, 2003 Report to the New York State Workforce Investment Board

This is an update on the Emerging Worker Sub-Committee.

  1. Work plan priorities for 2004-05. At the September 17, 2003 meeting the State Workforce Investment Board approved three priorities and a 2004-05 work plan to implement the Sub-Committee’s mission (defined below). The work plan priorities, activities and outcomes are described in Attachment A.

    Mission and Priorities

    The Sub-committee’s mission, broader than required under federal legislation, is “to ensure that all New York’s youth, under age 21, are better prepared for employment by:

  2. Activities to Implement Priorities. At today’s meeting, the Emerging Worker Subcommittee discussed and adopted a set of focused activities that move implementation of our priorities forward in 2004-05. They are intended to make the most of the six Sub-Committee meetings that are scheduled each year so that every meeting has high impact. These activities are outlined in Attachment B. We submit them for State Board approval. The proposed panels in Priority 3 will not be viewed as stand alone activities. Concerted efforts will be made to integrate the messages of all the panels.

  3. Joint meeting between the Emerging Worker and the Skills, Standards Assessments Sub-Committees on January 17, 2004. Following recommendations from a joint DOL/SED meeting on the worker readiness certificate that was held this October (also attended by Sherryl Wheems), we request approval for a joint meeting between the Emerging Worker and the Skills, Standards Assessments Sub-Committees on the morning of January 17, 2004 to develop specific strategies for engaging the education, business, and workforce communities in piloting a national worker readiness credential for youth and adults and integrating the skills needed for this credential into a full range of curricula and programs.

    Attachment A
    Attachment B