September 18, 2002
10:00-12:00 noon
State Education Department, Regents Room
Albany, NY


10:00Welcome, introductions and objectives Commissioner Mills, co-chair
10:15Update on Emerging Worker Subcommittee Initiatives
  • Policy on Youth Services in One-Stop Delivery Systems adopted by the SWIB on May 16 and follow-up
  • Update on Incentive and Challenge Grants
10:30Regional Forums with New York State Business Leaders and Workforce Team
  • Plans for a Mid-Hudson Pilot
11:00Career Zone and Labor Market Information for Teachers and Administrators
  • Presentation by DOL, SED, CIBA Specialty Chemicals and Yonkers City Schools followed by a discussion of the role of the Subcommittee and the State Board in disseminating and supporting implementation statewide
11:45Continuous Improvement and Next Steps, including Plans for Next Meetings
Mark your calendars: Next full meeting of the State Workforce Investment Board is November 14, 2002 in Albany, New York