Joint Emerging Workers & Skills Standards Subcommittee Meeting Minutes
January 15, 2004

The two committees met to discuss the status of the Work Readiness Credential project undertaken as a State Board initiative in late 2002. The purpose of the meeting was to review the first phase of work completed on the project and to outline the scope of work and level of State Board commitment needed to carry out subsequent phases of the Work Readiness Credential Project.

Phase 1 of the project was reviewed. Phase 1 encompassed the identification of the skill benchmarks and the design of a credential delivery system. It was agreed that there would be one Work Readiness Credential; not separate credentials for youth and adults. A discussion followed with the committee members as well as with the general audience around the elements included in the benchmarks and how these skills align with the current movement toward standards in the educational system.

Committee members were asked to identify what opportunities they saw now that Phase 1 was completed. Members identified the need for clarity in terms of how the committees wanted to be engaged and feed into the national work product. They also expressed an interest in identifying how the other partner states were moving forward with the Work Readiness Credential project and the level of engagement they were pursuing with partner agencies and businesses.

Phase 2 of the Work Readiness Credential project was reviewed with an eye toward what needed to be completed during calendar year 2004. A robust discussion ensued around assessments, the legal defensibility of assessments and the range of tasks, which needed to be underway on a simultaneous basis if the deadlines and objectives were to be met. The group identified four major areas of work including: informing/marketing; preparing an assessment protocol; preparing for pilot testing/early adopters; and preparing curricula/assessment materials.

The joint committees agreed to start their March 18, 2004 meeting at 8:30 am with an agenda targeted toward developing roles and responsibilities around each of the four major areas of work and identifying how best to operationalize a work plan around the scope of work.