Minutes of the January 17 Emerging Worker Sub-Committee Meeting

The Emerging Worker Sub-Committee met on Wednesday, January 17, 2002 in Albany. The following are highlights from that meeting.

  1. Update on Incentive and Challenge Grants. Dan Moser from NYS DOL updated the Sub-Committee on the status of the two grants, which were developed from concept papers prepared by the Sub-Committee.

  2. Presentation by Katherine Loucks, Deputy Commissioner for Workforce Development from Empire State Development (ESD), on ESD initiatives to support WIA activities for emerging workers.

  3. Final discussion and approval of Statewide Initiatives to be sponsored by the Sub-Committee Over the Next Two Years. The Sub-Committee extensively discussed statewide initiatives around two focus areas prepared by staff to the Sub-Committee:

    1. Expanding/enhancing business involvement in youth programs. and
    2. Supporting comprehensive year-round programs.
      • The Sub-Committee reviewed the latest draft, suggested some changes and approved Statewide Initiatives to be reported to the SWIB that afternoon.

  4. Next Meeting: March 20, 2002, 1:30-4:00, Rochester. Wegman's will present information on their youth initiatives.

  5. Report to State Workforce Investment Board: Staff edited the report to the State Workforce Investment Board, and it was presented to the SWIB the afternoon of January 17, 2002.

  6. Next Steps:

Attachment:   Report to the State Workforce Investment Board