Emerging Worker Subcommittee
Meeting Minutes
May 16, 2002

The first order of business was discussion and approval of the policy statement, "Youth Services In One-Stop Delivery Systems For Consideration By the NYS Workforce Investment Board". This policy statement includes:

The Subcommittee recommended submitting this policy statement to the SWIB for their approval. (During the afternoon's SWIB meeting, members reviewed this policy paper and unanimously approved its recommendations).

Beth Buehlman, US Chamber of Commerce, joined the meeting via conference call. Ms. Buehlman shared the following strategies of how to work with business and connect them to youth programming:

Staff to the Subcommittee (NYSDOL, NYSED, and OCFS) outlined plans for upcoming regional forums with: NYS Leaders in Business, Education, and Workforce Development To Expand Business Involvement in Preparing All Youth for Jobs and Careers in NYS and Serve As A Catalyst for Creating Comprehensive Youth Systems.

The purpose of these forums will be to serve as a catalyst for expanding business participation, identify challenges and promising practices, identify measurable state and regional actions to expand business involvement and be a catalyst for developing comprehensive youth systems.

The forums will be held over the next one to two years beginning in Fall 2002 with the first pilot being in Dutchess County.

NYSDOL provided an update on the Incentive Grants. $1.25 million was awarded. They are currently developing contracts and negotiations are moving forward. One contract has been approved and starts July 1, 2002. Originally, $2.5 million had been available for these grants, however, since only $1.25 million was allocated, the remaining $1.25 million has been recommended to fund regional forums following the business forums. These forums would include key local representatives to develop and implement strategies and plans to work with businesses (based on information obtained during the business forums).

NYSDOL provided an update on the Challenge Grants. They received fourteen applications. The Level 1 review is completed and the Level 2 review will take place next week with awards anticipated to be announced by the end of May.

NYSDOL gave a brief overview of the five awarded programs for local youth promising practices. More information is available on www.workforcenewyork.org. They are:

Representatives from Herkimer-Oneida-Madison then gave an overview of Project CONNECT - working with out-of-school youth. A number of years ago the number of youth enrolled in 8th grade and those completing 12th was staggering - too many were dropping out. The three BOCES with a community based organization and the local WIB and staff - developed Project Connect - a program to recruit, retain, and work with out-of-school youth. They focused on building a relationship and foundation with partners; made an effort to get to know who the case managers would be working with (schools, CBOs); and developed a public relations campaign. Project CONNECT has been very successful - last year they had contacted over 1,000 out-of-school youth in the three county area. The number one referral service to their program was school, second - friends, and third, CBOs. The presenters emphasized that their success is largely due to the commitment of the leadership in their community.

Lastly, the discussion evolved around WIA Reauthorization issues. SED staff shared recommendations that were presented at the April 25, 2002 testimony and recognized that they had incorporated NYATEP recommendations. Specifically, the youth recommendations included: expand youth eligibility; provide more flexibility in serving older/out-of-school youth; and enable all youth to receive core services in one-stop centers.

The subcommittee requested staff to "bullet" recommendations for their review and comment and encouraged members to start talking to congress members in their local areas.

The meeting adjourned at 12:00. The next Emerging Subcommittee Meeting is scheduled for September 12, 2002 in Syracuse, New York.