Local Board Liaison Subcommittee
Transitional Worker Subcommittee
Incumbent Worker Subcommittee

September 18, 2002
Wyndham Hotel (Host Site)
Syracuse, NY

The three subcommittees will hold a joint discussion on the following agenda. There will be no full meeting of the State Board.


10:00-10:45WIA Reauthorization: Discussion of Draft Principles (Attachment A)
  • Presentation of Draft Principles Developed by Local Board Staff from Around NYS (Patrick Doyle, Broome/Tioga WIB)
  • Discussion on Strategies on how to refine and/or improve Draft Principles and Role of State and Local Boards in Developing Consensus for a Statewide Strategy on Reauthorization
  • Next Steps
10:4511:30Skills, Skill Gaps and Training (Attachment B)
  • Presentation of the Concept Paper to Frame the Discussion: How do we link State and Local Board initiatives for a system approach?
  • Questions for Local Boards:
    1. Now that Skills Gap 1 has been completed, how has it informed local policies around training?
    2. With the shifting economy, have local policies changed? Have local priorities changed?
    3. How are Local Board policies distinguishing between Skills and Occupations?
    4. What discussion, if any, has the Local Board had around credentials? What role will credentials play in local policies around training?
11:30-NoonOpen Discussion Between State and Local Board Members
  • Setting Agenda Items for Next Meeting November 14, 2002 in Albany
  • The November meeting will include a presentation on System Measures as developed by a workgroup of WIB directors from around NYS
Video Link Sites (Reservations a Must as space is limited):
Albany: State Office Campus, Building 12, Room 183 and Training Room E
Rochester: NYSDOL, 109 South Union Street, Room 321
White Plains: 120 Bloomingdale Road, Conference Room F
Garden City: 400 Oak Street, Suite 102
Attachment A
Attachment B