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Technical Advisory


December 4, 2000

Workforce Development System Technical Advisory 00-43




Chairpersons of Local Workforce Investment Boards
Chief Elected Officials
WIA Grant Recipients
WIA Fiscal Agents
WIA Local Area Contacts


Transmittal of Customer Satisfaction Survey Template, contained within USDOL Training and Employment Guidance Letter 6-00, and Solicitation of Additional Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions


To advise local workforce investment areas of: (1) USDOL Customer Satisfaction Survey Template; (2) the NYS Department of Labor's selection of a vendor to conduct ongoing customer satisfaction surveys of employers and individuals served under the Workforce Investment Act; and, (3) to solicit additional customer satisfaction survey questions, as appropriate.


Under Title I, Section 136 of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, states are required to submit an annual report on the progress of the State in achieving its performance measures, including information on levels of performance achieved with regard to core and customer satisfaction indicators of performance. The U. S. Department of Labor (USDOL) has issued guidance (attached) outlining minimal requirements for states to follow to ensure survey results are representative of the populations served and indicating the parameters to be used in conducting surveys and reporting results for local Workforce Investment Boards. Local areas were previously notified that the State would absorb the cost of conducting these surveys so that local efforts and resources could be focused on quality measures of value to their local areas. The NYS Department of Labor has recently selected a vendor, Knowledge Systems & Research, Inc. of Syracuse, to conduct customer satisfaction telephone surveys in order to calculate the customer satisfaction performance measures for all local areas in New York State. There may be an opportunity to expand the USDOL mandated customer satisfaction survey with one or two additional questions.


If you would like to suggest additional questions that you believe would elicit critical performance information with regard to customer satisfaction, please submit them to Roger Gerby in the Research and Statistics Division of the Department of Labor, via fax: (518) 457-6382 or e-mail: by close of business December 13, 2000. As soon as contract negotiations with the vendor have concluded, additional technical assistance will be issued outlining the customer satisfaction telephone survey and reporting procedures.


Training and Employment Guidance Letter (TEGL) 6-00