New York State Workforce Development System New York State
Technical Advisory
June 22, 2001
Workforce Development System Technical Advisory 01-10.1
TO: Chairpersons of Local Workforce Investment Boards
Chief Elected Officials
WIA Grant Recipients
WIA Fiscal Agents
WIA Local Area Contact Persons
Subject:Revision to TANF Summer 2001 Youth Employment Program
Purpose:To provide revisions to Technical Advisory #01-10
Background:Technical Advisory 01-10, dated May 10, 2001, transmitted planning guidance to assist local areas in the implementation of the local Workforce Investment Area's Summer Youth Employment Program funded with TANF dollars.

Questions have been raised which were not included in the original Attachment A, Questions and Answers regarding the TANF Summer Youth Program. In addition, clarifying information has been sought regarding three of the original answers provided. Therefore, a replacement set of Questions and Answers, with the revised/new information highlighted in red, is attached to this Technical Advisory as a new Attachment A.

Additionally, for your convenience, a form has been developed for recording program participant data. It is attached as the new Attachment H, Program Reporting Requirements.

Action:Please be aware of this revised information.
Attachments:Attachment A: Questions and Answers regarding the TANF Summer Youth Program
Attachment H: Program Reporting Requirements (Word Document)