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February 26, 2001

Workforce Development System Technical Advisory 01-3




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Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Title IB Adult and Dislocated Worker Transfer Requests


To provide the workforce development community with the Department of Labor’s policies and procedures for requesting transfers between Title IB Adult and Dislocated Worker funds and a form for requesting such transfers


The Workforce Investment Act Final Rules, Section 667.140, grant Local Workforce Investment Boards (LWIB’s) the authority to transfer up to twenty percent (20%) of a program year's allocation between the Adult and Dislocated Worker Employment and Training Programs, upon approval of the Governor.

This transfer authority does not apply to the Youth Program funds.


Guidelines for transferring Title IB Adult and Dislocated Worker funds have been established as follows:

  1. All transfer requests must be submitted to the Office of Contract Review and Expenditure Control (OCREC) no later than May 15 of the Program Year – e.g. PY’00 transfers must be requested by May 15, 2001. A form for requesting a transfer of funds is available on the Workforce Development website.
  2. The 20% maximum transfer amounts are based on Local Workforce Investment Area allocations including any supplemental allocations.
  3. Funds retain their year-of-appropriation identity and must be tracked, accounted for and reported accordingly.


Local Workforce Investment Areas opting to transfer funds in accordance with this Technical Advisory should complete the transfer request form that is available on the Workforce Development website, under "Technical Assistance," "Forms." The form may be emailed to OCREC via the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page. A copy of the form is attached for your reference.


WIA Title IB Adult and Dislocated Worker Transfer Request