New York State Workforce Development System New York State
Technical Advisory
May 10, 2001
Workforce Development System Technical Advisory 01-9
TO: Chairpersons of Local Workforce Investment Boards
Chief Elected Officials
WIA Grant Recipients
WIA Fiscal Agents
WIA Local Area Contacts
Subject:Implementation of Comprehensive Youth Services under the Workforce Investment Act and Local Area Youth Councils
Reference:Training and Employment Guidance Letter (TEGL) 18-00
Background:The US Department of Labor (USDOL) issued TEGL 18-00 on April 23, 2001. Entitled "Program Guidance For Implementation of Comprehensive Youth Services Under the Workforce Investment Act," the TEGL was made available on USDOL's web site 5/3/01. The document may be found on New York's Workforce Development web site,, by reviewing the Technical Assistance menu, choosing "USDOL Documents, TEGL," then selecting 18-00.

TEGL 18-00 is a practical tool issued by USDOL to provide guidance to States and local areas. It contains a comprehensive listing of previously issued resources. It provides guidance and suggested actions for Youth Councils including: effective Council development; strategic planning; guidance in leveraging resources; identifying eligible providers; program design; performance standards; and project oversight. In addition, TEGL 18-00 contains a detailed section on best practices, including contact information for each practice cited.

Local Area Workforce Investment Boards, their Chairpersons, and their Youth Councils are strongly urged to access this TEGL. In Program Year 2000, the initial focus was on the transition to WIA and general system building. As PY 2001 approaches, many local areas continue to face the challenge of making services to youth fully operational and are just beginning to put considerable energy into the development of a comprehensive package of youth services.

The NYS Department of Labor (NYSDOL) does, however, expect that each Local Area Youth Council is operational and is providing advice to local boards and chairs regarding the system's youth services. Therefore, in accordance with TEGL 18-00 and this Technical Advisory, each Youth Council should review the youth portion of the Comprehensive Five-Year Plan, provide suggestions for improvement, and should ensure that the ten required program elements are available. The Youth Resource Backpack, published by NYSDOL and available on its web site, is an excellent resource enabling the Youth Council to review the services and programs that will help achieve these ten required elements. In continuing their review process, the Youth Council may provide key elements to the development of the Request for Proposals used to competitively select youth training providers. As a comprehensive group of specialists in services to youth, the Youth Council should ensure that summer activities are fully integrated into year-round services. Each Youth Council should also be playing a pivotal role in the development of follow-up services and continuous improvement.

Action:Each Local Area's Board, Chair, and Youth Council is requested to carefully review TEGL 18-00 in light of the status of youth services in their area. As appropriate, the Local Area's Plan may be revised to include new/additional information. If not previously submitted, each Local Board should provide a list of Youth Council membership to the Labor Department via the email contact option.