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May 31, 2002

Workforce Development System Technical Advisory #02-12




Chairpersons of Local Workforce Investment Boards
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Attention: LWIA MIS Staff


WIA Quarterly Reporting Methods and Due Dates for Users and Non-Users of America's One-Stop Operating System (OSOS)


To provide guidelines to OSOS and non-OSOS Local Workforce Investment Areas on WIA quarterly reporting and due dates, and to transmit website addresses for access to the Workforce Investment Act Standardized Record Data (WIASRD) format, and the WIASRD Edit Check Document.


Technical Advisory 02-1 indicated that OSOS users must have complete and up-to-date data in the system in order for NYSDOL to extract the data needed for quarterly reporting.

This advisory also stated that non-OSOS areas would eventually need to submit a quarterly report in the full WIASRD format.


1) OSOS Users will need to have their complete data into the system by July 10, 2002 for all participants (both exiters and non-exiters) who were active at any time during the period July 1, 2000 – June 30, 2002. This due date is necessary to give NYSDOL sufficient time to extract the data and prepare a report to USDOL. OSOS users that do not have all data in the system by the reporting deadline must follow the procedures for non-OSOS areas described below.

Deadlines for the next six quarters for OSOS users to have complete data in OSOS in order to meet reporting requirements are:

Reporting Period Ending

Deadline for Data Entry into OSOS

June 30, 2002

July 10, 2002

September 30, 2002

October 10, 2002

December 31, 2002

January 10, 2003

March 31, 2003

April 10, 2003

June 30, 2003

July 10, 2003

September 30, 2003

October 10, 2003

2) Non-OSOS areas will be required to submit a quarterly participant file in the WIASRD format specified below for all participants who were active at any time during the period July 1, 2000 – June 30, 2002, by July 22, 2002. WIASRD deadlines for the next six quarters are:

Reporting Period Ending

Include Participants (Exiters and Non-exiters) Who Were Active During:

Due Date to NYSDOL

June 30, 2002

July 1, 2000 - June 30, 2002

July 22, 2002

September 30, 2002

July 1, 2000 - September 30, 2002

October 21, 2002

December 31, 2002

July 1, 2000 - December 31, 2002

January 20, 2003

March 31, 2003

July 1, 2000 - March 31, 2003

April 21, 2003

June 30, 2003

July 1, 2000 - June 30, 2003

July 21, 2003

September 30, 2003

July 1, 2001 - September 30, 2003

October 20, 2003

The WIASRD reporting format can be found at:

Note: While the WIASRD document refers only to exiters, it is necessary to report both exiters and active participants for the period.

The WIASRD Edit Checks and Coding Instructions document is available to assist non-OSOS local areas with preparation of the WIASRD file. You can access it at:

An edit check program will be made available shortly.

Please note that two additional reporting items are required in the WIASRD file. These are Date of Last Service and Social Security number. For Date of Last Service you should record a date 365 days after the due date for submittal of the file to NYSDOL. This will avoid a soft exit that would be created in processing the file if there was no service recorded for the last 90 days. Do not record an actual date of last service for this item.

These two additional fields should be placed immediately after item 676 in the WIASRD. The specifications for these fields are as follows:

Item #

Field #


Column Location




Edit checks

Required Group







YYYYMMDD. Record a date 365 days after the due date for file submittal.

A. Must be a valid date.
B. Must be greater than Item 302 (date of registration)
C. Must be 365 days after due date for file submittal.








XXXXXXXXX. Not required by WIASRD, but is needed for wage record matching. Include leading zeros.

Must not include hyphens or dashes


The full WIASRD file must be submitted by e-mail to Michael Barber at (the third character in his address is zero).

If you have questions about any of these requirements, please contact Bill Meehan at (518) 457-1300 or Paul Rosenthal at (518) 457-0204. For questions about transmitting the file, call Michael Barber at (518) 457-0207.