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OSOS  - Entering New Services and Offerings – Revised: August 03


It is necessary for local security coordinators to enter, or oversee entry of provider services and offerings into NYOSOS so they are available to customers in the Services module.  Eligible Training Providers (ETP) can be searched at for locations and offering details. 


Title I WIA Eligible Training Provider Services and Offerings


Loading of Eligible Training Provider Data into OSOS – Since only “approved” or “not applicable” (n.a.) providers are included on NYOSOS, local workforce investment area (LWIA) staff may wish to review their list of pending offering applications on the NYSDOL eligible training providers website noted above, and expedite the approval process to ensure that providers for their area are available on NYOSOS.  NYSDOL staff input newly “approved” and “n.a.” providers from the NYSDOL ETP site into NYOSOS on a weekly basis.


Loading of Eligible Training Offering Information into NYOSOS – Local Workforce Investment Board (LWIB) staff need to use the ETP website ( to search for approved training offerings for customer referral.  The selected offering summary may be printed from the ETP website, and that information can then be entered into NYOSOS for the purpose of being attached to WIA participant files.


Procedure for Entering Eligible Training Provider Offerings into the New york One Stop Operating System (NYOSOS)


Step-by-step instructions to perform a provider search can be found in section 2.1 of the OSOS manual (available on the website


Log on to the NYOSOS site (https://nyosos) and perform a provider search by clicking on Provider on the top bar of the screen.  This will take you to a Provider Search tab.  The Provider Search screen allows staff to look for specific providers using a number of criteria.  Search limits can be set from 25 to 100, as shown.


To perform a Provider Search, criteria can be entered into any one or combination of the following fields:


1)      OSOS ID.  Enter the unique NYOSOS identification number for Provider, if known.


2)      Provider Name.  Enter all or part of the name of the Provider, if known.


3)      City.  Enter the city in which you are seeking a Provider.


4)      WIB.  This field indicates the physical location of the Training Provider, which is not necessarily the same as the WIB that approved the provider for WIA eligibility.  Thus, selecting WIB as the search criteria will not list all or only those providers approved by a local WIB area.


Click Search to conduct a search of Service providers on the criteria that you entered.


Click Clear to erase the search criteria that you entered and start over again.


Available providers will appear on the screen.  Please do not change the WIB associated with a particular provider.  If the provider you seek does not appear on the first attempt, try re-entering just the first word or a portion of the provider name.  For example, when seeking Acme Training and Placement Group, type in only Acme.  If the provider is found on the ETP list, but not under the particular local WIB search, an additional location may be entered into NYOSOS.  If the security coordinator adds an additional location to the provider record or if a provider is found on the ETP list but not in NYOSOS, please contact Research and Statistics so they can update their files at [518] 457-1321 or




Click on the Provider to highlight the selection and click on Detail at the bottom of the screen. 

This will bring up the Provider General Information screen. 



To add a new Location for a Provider:


Click on New Location button to bring up the Location Detail fields listed below.








Note:   A short cut - if you click on the COPY ADDRESS button when adding a new location you will be asked ‘Do you want to overwrite the address already entered?’ – even if no address has been typed in.  When you click “OK” the Provider’s billing address will be entered into the location fields.  The Location Name and WIB are still required to be entered.


Click on the Services tab. 



The Services tab displays the services offered by the selected Provider.  Services are organized in a hierarchy by Service Category, Service Type, and Service Name.  For each Service, the Category, Type, Name and Description can be viewed in the Services Display window.


Service records can be sorted by clicking on the column headings.  For example, click the Service Type to produce an alphabetical listing (ascending sort) of Service Types for the selected Provider.  Once the service is listed on the Services tab, then the offering for this service can be added to the record.


To add a Provider Service:


Click the New Service button and complete the Services Detail fields, as follows:




You will notice all the choices are in bold print.  After you find the category that fits the service, choose the category by double clicking on it.  This will give you service types to choose from. 


Now highlight the type that is appropriate and click on OK.  This will pre-fill both the Service Category and Type fields for you.



Enter the Service Name.  For training services, enter the actual name of the service (i.e., Computer Graphics, DoES Central Resume Prep), using the Offering Title derived from the Offerings information found on the State ETP list.  For services such as Customized Training, On-the-Job Training (OJTs), or those provided by the One Stops, make the service name descriptive for easy identification.




Enter the WIA Eligible Status.  Valid WIA Eligible Status entries include.




Not Approved



The following training services should be entered as Approved. 


o        Combined Workplace Learning with related instruction (Co-Op Education)

o        Basic Skills/Life Skills                                 

o        Customized Training             

o        English as a Second Language (ESL)                                                  

o        Entreprenurial Training         

o        Occupational Skills Training                                                                 

o        On the Job Training (OJT)      

o        Skills Upgrading and Retraining                                                              

o        Training Programs Operated by the Private Sector 

o        Workplace Training or              

o        Work-Related/Job Readiness Training.


Other services provided by the One Stop, i.e. Supportive Services, Case Management, Comprehensive Assessment, et al, should be entered as Not Approved.


O*Net titles and CIP Codes need to be added to services.  This can be done when entering new services, or they can be added to existing services.  The information relates to the Outcomes tab in the Services module, Employment Training Related field.  For On-the-Job Training, Customized Training, or Occupational Skills Training, click on the O*Net Titles button and highlight the title that most closely matches the provided training.  Click on Save (see below). 




For educational training services and offerings, click on the CIP Code button, to find the code that most closely matches the classroom training.  Click on Save.




Click on New Offerings and the following screen will appear.



Note: To save on data entry time, it is recommended entering course offerings that fall into a group, (i.e., a community college or a BOCES offering specific courses every semester), as a general offering (i.e., Remedial English or a BOCES Welding Class) and days of all the classes being provided.


 It is not necessary to insert the Start Date, the End Date, the Start Time or the End Time.  The offering can then be used for any of the times the provider runs the service/offering for the program year.  When the LWIA staff link the offering to a customer through the Services tab, office documentation should be checked for specific dates and times. 


Select the correct location from the drop down list field.  Click on the days of the week.  Add either the real cost or $1.00 to the Cost field.  At the Total Seats box, enter the number of seats.  Add a high number to avoid running out of seats during the program year.  Click on Save Single.  Save Ongoing can be used for reoccurring offerings, however, it is suggested that the OSOS Manual be consulted before using this saving method. 



The offering ID will not appear until after the new offering has been saved. 


Offerings can be modified by conducting a search, highlighting the selection at the Provider Search tab, and clicking on Detail at the bottom of the screen.  The information can be altered at the Offering Detail screen.  Click on Save.   


Return to Provider (on the blue bar), Provider Detail, Services tab, to enter additional services and offerings.  Click on the Return to Search button to find additional providers.