New York State Workforce Development System New York State
Technical Advisory
December 7, 2006
Workforce Development System Technical Advisory #06-20
TO: DoES Regional Administrators
One-Stop Operators
WIA Grant Recipients
DoES Managers
Cc: Chairpersons of Local Workforce Investment Boards
Chief Elected Officials
WIA Fiscal Agents
WIA Local Area Contact Persons
SUBJECT:Functional Alignment - Staff Oversight and Supervision
PURPOSE:To communicate the New York State Department of Labor (NYS DOL) policy regarding the allowable roles of Division of Employment Services (DoES) Supervisors and One Stop On-Site Work Coordinators (OCs) in their supervision of One-Stop staff under state contractual obligations
BACKGROUND:Functional alignment requires Workforce Investment Act (WIA), DOL and other partner staff to work collaboratively in the delivery of services available under multiple programs. Consequently, many staff are receiving direction and assignment on a day to day basis by someone other than their county or state supervisor. The purpose of this technical advisory is to clarify the role of supervisors to ensure that contractual obligations mandated by State unions are met.
POLICY:Collaboration between the One Stop OC and the state DOL supervisor is a priority. While it is recognized that one or the other may have the major responsibility for certain tasks and activities within a functional team, including but not limited to assignment of work, neither supervisor can operate without the collaboration of and communication with the other. However, it is also recognized that the collaboration between these two individuals must not include the sharing of information deemed by NYSDOL policy or union contract to be confidential. This policy requires consistent communication between the One Stop on-site work coordinator and the state supervisor to avoid potential difficulties and to ensure efficiency and the best possible service to the customer.

The following are guidelines to clarify the responsibilities that fall under each respective individual.

Responsibilities of NYSDOL Supervisor

Setting: NYSDOL is supervisor of staff in a One Stop setting where daily oversight is provided by a non-NYSDOL OC:

Each of the following managerial responsibilities is contractually mandated. Under this policy, before NYSDOL managerial approval is provided and changes are implemented, decisions regarding the following must be communicated to and discussed with the on-site work coordinator:

  • Changes to permanent work schedule, including lunches and breaks
  • Approval of bi-weekly attendance records
  • Pre-approval for vacations, sick leaves, personal leaves
  • Counseling and Discipline
  • Performance Evaluations/Probations
  • Travel and Travel Expense approvals
  • Approvals for contract negotiated training and in service courses

One Stop On-Site Work Coordinator (OC)

Setting: OC has on-site oversight of state DOL employees in a One Stop

The following are allowable activities in situations where a One Stop on-site work coordinator has responsibility for DOL employees:

  • Setting daily work assignments and work flow
  • Making temporary changes in meal/break periods to assure proper coverage
  • Setting Resource Room schedules/coverage
  • Setting Office coverage during vacations/ unscheduled/ emergency absences

Collaborative Responsibilities of NYSDOL suspervisors and One Stop OCs

All supervisors are responsible for assuring that:

  • Staffing plans provide adequate office coverage at all times, including vacation periods, conferences, and holiday times. Staffing plan should be set up to allow equal percentages of both State and local staff opportunities for time off.
  • All staff is properly trained.
  • All staff understand and adhere to all internal security policies and procedures both local and NYSDOL
  • All staff present a positive image of the One Stop System to customers
  • Regular staff meetings are held and conducted by both the OC and NYSDOL supervisor
  • Consistent communication with staff occurs to initiate feedback and ideas for serving customers