December 24, 1999



Workforce Development System Technical Advisory 62-99



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Comprehensive Five-Year Local Plans Under WIA




To transmit Planning Guidelines for the Comprehensive Five-Year Local Plan under Title I of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (WIA) as well as preliminary planning estimates for WIA Title I Allocations.



WIA requires each local Workforce Investment Board (Local Board) to develop and submit a comprehensive five-year local plan (Local Plan), in partnership with the appropriate chief elected official(s). In New York State, with WIA implementation scheduled for July 1, 2000, these Local Plans will be for the period 7/1/00 through 6/30/05.

Formal designation of local Workforce Investment Areas (Local Areas) is anticipated at the inaugural meeting of New York State’s Workforce Investment Board; the attached materials are being provided now in order to facilitate local planning. Forms and procedures for requesting certification of the Local Boards were provided to the chief elected officials in late November.

These steps are being taken to assure that the following key components are in place so that WIA funding and services can be provided without delay following the expiration of the Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) on June 30, 2000:

  • Designation of the local Workforce Investment Areas
  • Certification of local Workforce Investment Boards
  • Approval of Comprehensive Five-Year Local Plans


Local Areas should use the attached information to develop their Local Plans. Local Plans are due in Albany by February 28, 2000 (following a statutorily mandated 30 day public review and comment period.)

Technical assistance in plan development is available from the State Representatives assigned by NYSDOL’s Workforce Development and Training Division to each Local Area. Involving the respective State Representatives early in the plan development is recommended as a means of minimizing questions and issues upon formal plan submission.




Preliminary Estimates for WIA Title I Allocations
Certification re: Lobbying, Debarment, Etc.
Planning Guidelines for the Comprehensive Five-Year Local Plan