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Funding Opportunities

New Funding Opportunities

Date of Release Title Opportunity (Source Agency) Eligible Applicants Businesses Eligible? Proposal Due Date
3/24/2015 Training to Work 3 – Adult Reentry(USDOL/ETA)
Non-profit organizations with IRS 501(C)(3) status are eligible to apply for funding to assist returning citizens transition back into their communities by gaining industry-recognized credentials and securing employment. Grantees will develop and implement career pathways programs in demand sectors and occupations for men and women, including veterans, and people with disabilities, who are at least 18 years old and who are enrolled in work release programs.
Yes 5/1/2015
3/30/2015 Health Profession Opportunity Grants to Serve TANF Recipients and Other Low-Income Individuals(USDOL)
The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Administration for Children and Families (ACF), Office of Family Assistance (OFA) is announcing Health Profession Opportunity Grants. Authorized by the Affordable Care Act, the Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG) program provides education and training to TANF recipients and other low-income individuals for occupations in the health care field that pay well and are expected to either experience labor shortages or be in high demand. This grant is listed under HHS-2015-ACF-OFA-FX-0951 on In addition, you can download the full application here. Visit the Office of Family Assistance/HPOG website for more details.
Yes 5/29/2015
2/06/2015 Job-Driven National Emergency Grant(NYSDOL)
Job-Driven National Emergency Grant (NYSDOL) Private sector for-profit businesses, private not-for-profit businesses, local workforce investment boards, and training providers are eligible to apply. NYSDOL is making up to $5.4 million in funding available to solicit projects providing work-based training to dislocated workers, with emphasis on long-term unemployed, unemployment beneficiaries likely to exhaust benefits, and foreign-trained immigrant worker populations.

Job-Driven National Emergency Grant RFA Q & A

Yes 6/01/2015
2/03/2015 American Apprenticeship Initiative (USDOL)
Workforce Training to Educate Health Care Professionals in Health Information Technology (US HHS) Open to the public in the United States, this program will award grants to update existing training materials and develop a training program to establish or expand medical health informatics education programs to promote the rapid and effective utilization and development of health information technologies.
Yes 4/06/2015
12/11/2014 American Apprenticeship Initiative (USDOL)
American Apprenticeship Initiative (USDOL) The U.S. Department of Labor announces the American Apprenticeship Initiative which will provide up to $100 million in grants to expand registered apprenticeship programs in high-skilled, high-growth industries like healthcare, biotechnology, information technology and advanced manufacturing. Grant funds are for industries and occupations where employers are using H-1B visas to hire foreign workers. Approximately 25 grants from $2.5 million to $5 million each will be awarded. Apprenticeship grants will be awarded to public and private partnerships consisting of: employers, business consortiums, business-related nonprofit organizations, joint labor-management organizations, labor organizations, private organizations functioning as workforce intermediaries, the workforce investment system, public education or training providers and the Department of Labor or other State Apprenticeship Agency.
Yes 4/30/2015
9/25/2014 Dislocated Worker Training National Emergency Grant, Request for Applications # U-31(NYSDOL)
Private sector for-profit businesses, private not-for-profit businesses, training providers and local workforce investment boards.
Dislocated Worker Training National Emergency Grant # U-31 Q & A
Yes Ongoing

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